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Company Info

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(June 11, 2003)

Steven Scarborough's introduction to the world of adult film-making came through his social contacts with Chuck Holmes, John Summers and Matt Sterling -- all luminaries that would go on to create the gay video industry as we know it today. At the time, Mr. Scarborough owned a well-known health food store in San Francisco's Castro district where he employed, among others, adult video legends Eddie Marks and Kristen Bjorn.  In 1987, Mr. Holmes asked Steven to join Falcon Studios as a director, where he was largely responsible in positioning the company at the top of the all male video market.  During his six year tenure, Mr. Scarborough produced and directed just under 50 films for the renowned studio, including the 1988 AVN Film of The Year, Touch Me, and the highly awarded Abduction/Conflict/Redemption series for which he received Director of The Year in 1993.

In 1993 Mr. Scarborough left his Executive Vice-President position at Falcon Studios to establish his own video production company, Hot House Entertainment. The company's three video lines, Hot House Video, Plain Wrapped Video and Club Inferno, boast a combined library of over 70 titles, including award-winning classics like The Road Home, Descent, Call to Arms and Hand Over Fist.  The Adam Gay Video Guide, the mouthpiece of the adult video industry, named Mr. Scarborough 1996 Director of the Year after only three years at Hot House.
Mr. Scarborough has always been an extremely vocal proponent of the freedom of sexual
expression.  Early in his career he decried the "decency" double standard that existed (and continues to exist) between the straight and gay arms of the adult industry. He also sensed a growing demand for fringe/fetish video and became convinced that he could champion this niche by capturing the action with his artistic directing experience.  The Plain Wrapped Video and Club Inferno brands were conceived to provide his loyal fans access to beautifully shot taboo action. His outstanding contribution to the cause won him the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award from the Free Speech Coalition in 2001.

In 2002, Mr. Scarborough's lifelong pursuit of excellence was honored at the GAYVN Awards where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame; and during the International Mr. Leather Convention this May, he earned a spot on the Gay Chicago Magazine's Wall of Fame at this year's Grabby Awards.  After a three-year hiatus from production, Steven and Hot House Entertainment are blazing back onto the scene with two new productions, the aptly titled Resurrection, and the soon-to-be-released Skuff II and Mo’ Bubble Butt.  While flattered to receive these recent awards, Scarborough insists that his best work is still waiting to be captured on video – welcome news for the scores of diehard fans hooked on his trademark filthy mind.

Click here to instantly download a zip file with Steven's photo in PSD format.

Click here to instantly download a DOC file with Steven's bio.