Toddler's Knitted Helmet

Toddler's Knitted Helmet

To Fit: 18m - 3 yrs, 3-4yrs

8ply (DK weight) yarn.
(100g of Acrylic yarn is enough to make a helmet and matching gloves.)

1 set 4mm double-pointed needles, or 40cm circular 4mm needle

9sts to 2 inches (5cm) over stockinette fabric.

Using the long tail cast on for flexibility, cast on 62 (64) stitches.
If using dpns, divide onto three needles. Join, being careful not to twist.

Knit 18 (20) rounds of k1, p1 rib. slip last 16 (18) stitches of last round onto a stitch holder or waste yarn. Work remainder of helmet in the flat.

Next row: Increase  8 (10) sts evenly across row. (54, 56 sts)

Beginning with a purl row, knit 47 (53) rows on these stitches. If desired, you can knit in a motif, or use a pattern which does not draw in the work. My favourite is to work in a garter row at the fifth row and every following sixth row.

Shape Top of Head:

Continuing in your chosen pattern, k 33 (34) sts, k2 tog tbl, turn.
Next row: sl1, p12, p2 tog, turn.
Next row: sl1, K12, k2 tog tbl, turn.

Work in this way until 14 sts remain. slip sts onto a spare needle, break yarn.

Rejoin yarn to helmet immediately to the left of the chin sts (on holder). Pick up and knit 28 (30) sts along side of helmet, k across 14 sts on needle, pick up and knit 28 (30 sts along side of helmet, rib across 16 (18) sts on holder. Work in 1x1 rib for 5 rows.

Cast off ribwise, not too tightly. darn in ends neatly.

Copyright 1999 by Sandrine Turner. E-mail:

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