16 December - 2008 Race Dates - Pickups to a New Level...

16th December 2007

Pickup Truck Racing is moving to a new level with a complete set of high profile race dates across the country in 2008.

Traditionally the main focus of the Pickup calendar has been the Oval race dates at Rockingham however the new season will see equal emphasis on the road course dates which will have a much higher profile and pedigree than before. To achieve this in 2008 the Pickups will race alongside the British Truck Racing Association (BTRA) Championship including the two International FIA Truck dates at Donington Park and Thruxton.

Pickup Truck Racing's managing director Sonny Howard says that this is a big step forward. "I am always being asked how we can make the best better. Well, there's not much we can do to improve the spectacle on the track - I firmly believe it's as good if not better than any other racing in Europe. We're not going to take our 'eye off the ball' as far as the racing is concerned but the one area I wanted to move forward on was the championships we are racing with and the paying public we race in front of. We need to continue to build our growing fan base and the dates we have in place for next season will enhance our own reputation as well as that of the formulas we are racing with."

"This new calendar will please both the race fans and our drivers alike. Rockingham is well established as a favourite place to watch Pickups and the entertainment we have delivered there on the oval since 2003 has been second to none. No one can match us. The road course dates had to be higher profile for next year as our standard of racing and entertainment is what the paying public want to see. Being on the bill with the BTRA and FIA Trucks provides added value for the overall race programme as well as for ourselves."

"Every year we want to offer drivers and race fans the best entertainment and value for money possible," adds Howard. "I think we're the only championship in the UK where the drivers don't pay a race by race entry fee - we've been able to do that for our drivers once again for 2008."

Pickup Truck racing is the only motor racing championship in Europe that encompasses the two disciplines of super speedway oval racing and traditional road course events. Each racing weekend features two races with the top seeded drivers starting at the back of the grid. Pickups are pure racing machines based around a spaceframe chassis, powered by a 2 litre, 230bhp engine.

2008 Calendar:

22nd/23rd March, Brands Hatch (with BTRA)
19th/20th April, Rockingham (Oval)
24th/25th/26th May, Rockingham (Oval)
7th/8th June, Mondello Park
12th/13th July, Rockingham (Oval)
26th/27th July, Donington Park (with BTRA and FIA Trucks)
2nd/3rd August, Thruxton, (with BTRA and FIA Trucks)
30th/31st August, to be advised
27th/28th September, Rockingham (Oval)
18th/19th October, Pembrey (with BTRA)
1st/2nd November, Brands Hatch (with BTRA)

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