The winners of each category were announced at the annual awards ceremony which took place in Covent Garden, London on the 15th November this year.

Student Station of the Year

Gold: CUR1350 - University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University

Silver: Smoke Radio - University of Westminster

Bronze: Demon FM - De Montfort University

Female Presenter of the Year

Gold: Katherine Godfrey - CUR1350
The judges felt that this year's winner stood out from the rest of the finalists, with her warm, confident and laid back approach, that conveyed a genuine passion and authority for the music on her show.

Silver: Faye Lyons-White - LSRfm.com

Bronze: Becca Day-Preston - Fuse FM

Male Presenter of the Year

Gold: Kenny Donohue - Bailrigg FM

Silver: Dave Dodd - BIRSt

Bronze: Greg Hughes - LSRfm.com


Gold: Departures - Lee Matthews, CSR FM
The judges described the winning entry in this category as a pacy and engaging piece of programming, that presented potentially challenging subject matter in a way that broke with convention. The presenter, they said, had passion, enthusiasm, and a desire to both educate and entertain - but did so in an unpretentious style that was refreshingly warm and inviting.

Silver: gettin funk'd - Eddy Elton, LCR 1350

Bronze: Different Drum - Jacob Niedzwiecki, Purple Radio


Gold: Kiwk Lit Classix presents... Wuthering Heights - Jacqueline Curthoys, BIRSt
The judges felt that this year's winning entry was notable for both its pace, and its originality. It took a relatively simple concept and gave it a novel twist. A genuinely funny piece, it made good, effective use of simple sound effects, and totally lived up to the high expectations that the judges had for it after they had read the accompanying written submission.

Silver: It's Your Problem - Ben Worsfield, RaW

Bronze: November Day - Rebecca Bellini, UCA Radio


Gold: Newslink Big 25 - LSRfm.com
The winner was a well-produced, intelligent and thought-provoking piece of journalism featuring plenty of strong interview material, vividly presented and using imaginative production devices.

Silver: Surge Newsweek - SURGE

Bronze: Xpress News - The Xpress News Team, Xpress Radio


Gold: The Big Chewsie - Ben Anderson, Matt Cooper, Paul Davis, Nick Gibson, Adam Wilbourn, RaW
The winning entry in this category combined some excellent writing with good production skills and a confident, comfy vibe.

Silver: Will & Russ on Primetime - Will Foster and Russell Gowers, RaW

Bronze: Weekend Breakfast - Charles Lyons, Rachel Garforth, Tanya Mercer, Martin Steers - CUR1350


Gold: Mobile Broadcast System - Chris Cantwell, RaW
A good technical solution to solve numerous problems, was how the judges described the winning entry in this category. A design flexible enough to both meet industry standards and be operable by those with little or no technical knowledge.

Silver: SURGE

Bronze: Matthew Fortune, URY


Gold: 1449AM URB - University of Bath
The judges described this year's winning entry as "slick and professional", and an example of how an already successful station can effectively build upon its own past achievements. An effective written submission detailed how the various initiatives had been conceived and executed, and the accompanying audio was well-produced and gave a clear sense of the station's mission - to serve its audience.

Joint Silver: Fresh Air, University of Edinburgh

Joint Silver: SURGE, University of Southampton


Gold: Jack Penate - Gareth Ragg and Sarah Holmes, URN 1350
The judges said of this year's winning entry that it had clearly been well thought through beforehand, and as a consequence it was clear that its execution was enjoyed by both interviewer and interviewee alike. The interview itself, even in its shortened, edited form, demonstrated a real understanding of interview technique - and that, combined with the effective use of illustrative music, resulted in an excellent four minutes of radio.

Silver: Ewan McGregor - Tim Johns, Fresh Air

Bronze: Layik Hama - Jimmy Smallwood, LSRfm.com


Gold: Elections Night - URN 1350
According to the judges, the winning entry in this category combined professional delivery with knowledge of the subject matter, and caught the atmosphere that was being generated in the venue. The level of interaction between the team members was plain for all to hear, with each person adding something different. Overall, they said, it was spot on.

Silver: Battle of the Band Final - RaW

Bronze: Welsh Assembly Elections, Storm FM

Student Radio Newcomer Of The Year

Gold: Neil Kingston, LSRfm.com
The judges said of this year's winner: "This entrant has obviously put a huge amount into producing excellent content for their show". The presenter in question had a nice pace, and good energy - and yet said what needed to be said concisely. They described the winning entry as "a great listen", and described the winner as having "great potential".

Silver: Dan Gough, URN 1350

Bronze: Guillaume Wright, Oxide