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Review: Goldfrapp, Nokia Theatre Times Square

Goldfrapp Versus King Kong...
Alison Goldfrapp at Nokia Theatre Times Square Dec 5, 2005
Photo: Amanda Nanawa

Why do I love New York City so much? Because there is no other city that can give you a King Kong premiere and Goldfrapp show in one night. None. To top that off, they were a block away from each other (King Kong premiere was held at Loews 42nd St E Walk). So, Times Square was brimming with celebs. But, this is about Goldfrapp - not the CGI ape that Peter Jackson directed (but I will watch very soon).

Acting more as a warm-up to the impending North American tour that will begin March 2006, the one night show held up to it's reputation as the act to watch. Sporting a black two-piece Nylon/Lycra stretch pants with matching zipper jacket, the show kicked-off with "Train" (Black Cherry) and yes, two dancers with wolf masks did come on stage and suggestively danced to the pulsating tune. As any Goldfrapp fan knows, the Theremin is an important instrument to Alison's stage arsenal. Oh, she used it... and used it wisely. Slapping it between her inner thighs, rubbing it, slapping her hand across it to and fro - oh she used it wisely! Forget the sound the Theremin was making - just watching her play with it is worth the ticket. Needless to say, good opening.

Alison Goldfrapp w/Theremin. Davide Rossi w/keytar (the Jesus-looking dude in the b/g)
Photo: Amanda Nanawa

She then went into "Tiptoe" (Black Cherry) and "Koko" (Supernature) and Alison was feeling the crowd's energy. The dancers returned for "Slide In" (wearing sleek silver bodysuits - think Silver Surfer and you get the picture) whereas Alison motioned to her soundman to raise her sound a bit. At one point near the end of the show, there was a slight technical difficulty (for some reason - that too is a Goldfrapp staple) as Alison returned to the mic and aptly told the audience, "We're fine!"
That's another point I should bring up. Alison looked relaxed (even her hair was relaxed - no kinky curls for this show) but at the same time, overwhelmed by the turnout at the venue. At times during the show, she would try to tell the crowd how she felt, but can't. That's how she is. But that's also part of her mystique.

Alison Goldfrapp at Nokia Theatre Times Square Dec 5, 2005
Photo: Amanda Nanawa

As great as the show was, it also had a few holes. For instance, it was a short show. It started at 9:30 PM and ended at 10:30ish PM (hence, a preview show for next year). And, no "Utopia" (Felt Mountain). That's almost like Lynyrd Skynyrd not doing "Free Bird".
In any event, she did grace the crowd with tracks such as "Lovely Head" (Felt Mountain), "Beautiful" (b-side of Supernature) and "You Never Know" (Supernature).
The dancers returned for "Ride a White Horse" (Supernature), which will be the next single in the UK, and yes, they were wearing the glitter horse heads. If there was a contest for "Most Suggestive Dancing for a Song", "Ride a White Horse" would've won by a mile. The dancers bent down - pulled on their horse tails between their legs - turned and, well, you should see the show next time...I'm not giving away the climax!

Their encore was "Strict Machine/We Are Glitter" (Black Cherry) and "Black Cherry" (Black Cherry) where she vocalized the synth parts of the song (what a performer!).

This is how I'll close out my review - Goldfrapp is the act to watch in 2006. Don't avoid them. They are worth your time. And your eyes and ears will certainly be satisfied.


01. Train
02. Tip Toe
03. Koko
04. Slide In
05. Number 1
06. You Never Know
07. Lovely Head
08. Fly Me Away
09. Satin Chic
10. Beautiful
11. Ride A White Horse
12. Ooh La La
13. We are glitter/Strict Machine
14. Black Cherry

Opening Act: DJ Larry Tee.


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You forgot to mention how bad the mixdown of the sound was. Couldn't hear half of the instruments and could hardly hear her. Bummer!

Are you kidding me? You must not have used q-tips. The soundmix was phenomenal. Best out of all the concerts i've been to, including dmode and u2. Every note was crystal clear and sharp. Zero distortion.

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