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Malaya Command


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   Titles and History
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  192u Malaya Command
formed with HQ at Singapore
  1940.11 came under Far East Command
  1942.01 came under South West Pacific Command
  1942.02 disbanded after conquest by Japan
1945.09 Malaya Command
re-formed by reorganisation of HQ 14th Army in SE Asia Land Forces with HQ at Singapore
  • Singapore Base District
  • Malaya District
  1947? Malaya District
command downgraded with HQ at Kuala Lumpur, and districts became sub-districts
  • Northern Sub District, HQ at Taiping
  • Central Sub District, HQ at Seremban
  • Johore Sub District, transferred 1948 to Singapore Base Dist; HQ moved 1949? to Pahang; converted Dec. 1949 to 48 Gurkha Inf Bde
  1950.08.01 Malaya Command
district upgraded during Malayan Emergency
  • North Malaya District HQ at Taiping
  • South Malaya District
19uu districts reorganised:
  • North Malaya District, reorganised Oct. 1953 as 1 Federal Div
  • South Malaya District, reorganised 1 Sep. 1952 as 17 Gurkha Div/So Malaya Dist
  • Central District
  • Singapore Base District
1957? disbanded at Malayan independence; succeeded by Overseas Commonwealth Land Forces (Malaya)
   Forces Under Command
Index of Divisions
Index of Brigades
  GOC Malaya Command:
1929.11.30 Maj-Gen. H.L. Pritchard, CB, CMG, DSO
1934.01.10 Maj-Gen. E. O. Lewin, CB, CMG, DSO
1935.11.08 Maj-Gen. W.G.S. Dobbie, CB, CMG, DSO
  1939.08 Lt-Gen. Sir Lionel Vivian Bond, KBE, CB; GOC
1941.04.29 Maj-Gen. Arthur Ernest Percival [to 15 Feb. 1942]
  GOC Malaya Command:
  GOC Malaya District:
(simultaneously Major-General Brigade of Gurkhas)
1948? Maj-Gen. Sir Charles Hamilton Boucher, KBE, CB, DSO
1950.02.27 Maj-Gen. Robert Elliott Urquhart, CB, DSO (simultaneously Commander 17 Gurkha Div)
  GOC Malaya [Command]:
  1950.08.01 Maj-Gen. Robert Elliott Urquhart, CB, DSO
1952.06.11 Maj-Gen. Sir Hugh Charles Stockwell, KBE, CB, DSO
1954.04.07 Lt-Gen. Sir Geoffrey Kemp Bourne, KBE, CB, CMG
1956.05.19 Lt-Gen. Sir Roger Herbert Bower, KBE, CB [to 1 Sep. 1957]
  South Malaya District [Malaya Command]
(simultaneously Major-General Brigade of Gurkhas)
  1950.02 Maj-Gen. D. Dunlop
1950.09.19 Maj-Gen. Robert Cecil Osborne Hedley
1952.05.07 Maj-Gen. Lancelot Edgar Connop Mervyn Perowne [to 31 Aug. 1952]
  Johore Sub District
  Brig. Robert Cecil Osborne Hedley
1948 Maj-Gen. D Dunlop

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