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  • Very Granny Gift Bag
  • My, Granny, what a beautiful gift bag you have!
    From "Knitty Gritty"
    episode DKNG-813

    Marnie MacLean begins to demo knit granny squares, which will be sewn into a CD-sized gift bag.



    Very Granny Gift Bag
    Materials (although just about any yarn and corresponding needles will work, the demo used the following):

    needles, US size 8 (or size needed to obtain gauge)
    2, 3 or 4 shades of the following holiday-colored Red Heart acrylic worsted-weight yarn:
    Christmas (burgundy, green, cream, sparkly silver), Kwanzaa (burgundy, green, black [or charcoal gray, if possible], Hanukkah (sparkly silver, blue)
    tapestry needle
    stitch holders or large silver safety pins
    (optional lining): 8" squares of white lining fabric (2), 8" squares of kitschy print lining fabric, thread and needle or sewing machine)

    Granny Bag schematic: click to enlarge.
    The size of the bag will depend on the gauge and your yarn choice. This bag will be big enough to hold a CD. These schematics (see link, at right) show both the color combinations.

    Gauge: one granny square = 3-1/2" square; garter stitch = 5 stitches per 1" and 10 rows per 1"

    Using color designated for the center of the granny square, cast on 12 sts in a ring. Use this method to create a crochet center and pick up stitches in each crochet stitch, or you may simply cast on 12, work one k round on dpns and then proceed.

    Center of Motif

    Petal 1:
    With public side facing you, k3.
    Place next 3 sts on one holder or safety pin (sh), place the following 3 sts on another sh, place the last 3 sts on a final sh.
    K 2 more rows on the initial 3 sts. Move these sts to a sh. Cut yarn.

    Petal 2:
    Move the next 2 sts to the knitting needle. Starting on a public side row, k 3 rows. Move the sts back to a sh and cut the yarn.

    Petals 3:
    As for petal 2.

    Petal 4:
    As for petal 2 but do not cut yarn.

    Chain round:
    Turn work and cast off 3 sts of that petal, leaving you with 1 st on the needle

    Work a 1 stitch I-cord for 6 rows:

    Note: There is no reason to move sts to the end of the needle on each row of the I-cord. When ready to begin, have 1 st on the right-hand needle. Place the left needle in the front of the st. Now k the st as you always do. The st is back on the right-hand needle. Place the left needle in the front of the st again and k as usual. Repeat this 4 more times for a total of 6 rows. If this is confusing, go ahead and work as a normal I-cord.

    When you complete the 6 rows of 1-st I-cord (henceforth referred to as chain, or "ch"), cast off the 3 sts of the next petal.


    Figure A
    Cast off next petal.
    Cast off final petal.
    Cut yarn with long tail and secure to edge of first cast-off st of the following petal (figure A).

    Second Round of Motif

    Use a contrasting color (see schematic for suggestions).

    Marnie MacLean completes the granny squares, seams them together into a bag and puts together the rest of the components: braided straps for the handle, plastic embroidery grids to add structure, and a decorative fabric lining.


    1. Make 2 petals per ch6 loop. This time, pick up stitches before starting each petal.

    2. The "auxiliary yarn" is the ch6 loop between each petal of the first round. Holding the tail, pull a loop from the front to the back, through the ch6 loop, then repeat, going back to front; then repeat one more time going front to back. You should now have 3 loops on the needle.

    3. Make all petals as per petal 2 in first round, except the last (8th) petal. This petal should be worked as for petal 4 of first round.

    4. Situate all petals so they match the schematics. Each petal should be centered on one side of the ch6 corner.

    Chain round:
    Work as per ch round of first row, only work ch6 between petals within the same ch6 loop, and work ch3 between petals in adjacent ch6 loops.

    The square is complete; block it to obtain the optimal shape.

    Beyond the pattern:
    From here, you can continue to build the granny square out further and further. Work 2 petals in any ch6 corner and one petal in any ch3 section. This can be done indefinitely.

    Garter Stitch Squares (make 4)

    1. Make sure you check the garter stitch gauge.

    2. In Color A cast on 18 stitches, or the number of stitches needed to create a piece the same width as the granny square

    3. Knit one more row in same color

    4. Switch to color B, knit two rows

    5. Continue with any other colors you may have for a total of 35 rows or until piece is the same height as the granny squares. Switch colors every 2 rows.



    Completed square

    Connecting the squares
    1. Sew 2 striped and 2 granny squares together as per schematic, using a whipstitch on the wrong side of the pieces. Repeat with remaining squares.

    2. Sew the 2 4-square squares together with a whipstitch on 3 sides, with right sides facing

    3. Weave in all ends. (Some people find that seam adhesives used in sewing projects are a great tool for securing ends.)


    1. Cut yarn into 4' lengths, using all the colors found in the project. Cut about 12 strands.

    2. Braid strands.

    3. Sew each end into the bag, on the inside, at the side seams.

    4. Sew in any ends.


    1. With right sides facing, sew one white and one print square together with a 1/4" seam allowance all around, leaving a small opening for turning. Cut notches in corners and turn lining right side out; press. Repeat with remaining fabric.

    2. With print fabric facing, sew 2 lining pieces together on 3 sides, sewing as close to the edge as possible.

    3. Insert lining into bag with white fabric facing the knit portion and seams on the outside of the lining. Sew the top of the lining to the top of the bag, hiding the ends of the straps and securing the lining in place. You may also wish to place a couple of small whipstitches in the lower corners to secure the lining to the bag, at the bottom.

    Gift-wrap suggestion: Place a CD or other gift in the bag. Use the straps to secure the bag closed and tie in a bow.


    Lion Brand yarns

    Red Heart yarn

    GUESTS :
    Marnie MacLean
    Knitting designer