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How finding mistakes can net great deals on eBay

03:02 PM PDT on Thursday, July 1, 2004

From KING 5 Staff Reports

Millions of people get good deals on eBay, but some of the lowest-priced items are scooped by those who capitalize on simple mistakes.

eBay Business

Carol Shaffer is one of them. She bought a 14-karat gold ring for hundreds less than it was worth. How?

By looking for typos. For instance, a word like “amethyst” is frequently misspelled.

“It gives you an advantage because most people won't ever see that item in their search," she said.

When Carol sells, she takes her items to an auction drop, just 3.2 miles from her home. But when she buys, she pounces on the mistakes of others.

She recently found 60 items with “diamond” spelled incorrectly. She has saved tens of thousands of dollars on items other people never even see.

You, too, can find stuffed dogs, phones, and even fine art online, just by spelling it wrong.

But remember, the seller loses that much money by misspelling the word.