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About Kabir

Kabir is a communications organization dedicated to the increased awareness and use of the Right to Information (RTI) Act by all individuals and organizations across all segments of Indian society. We envision a culture of transparency and accountability in government that allows for meaningful participation of citizens in their own governance. It is with this mission and vision that Kabir spun off of Parivartan (the activist group led by Arvind Kejriwal that was critical in raising public support for the passage of the RTI Act) and began operations on August 15th, 2005.

In India, various groups and individuals are using the RTI Act as a tool to fight against corruption, in very innovative ways. It's encouraging to see how ordinary people, who usually do not have access to government officials and machinery, are forcing governments to respond. There are numerous examples of the empowerment of people in this way. But still these examples of using RTI were isolated and not too frequent. A large number of people were not even aware of the existence of such a law and it's impact on the lives of other people like them. To motivate people, these success stories need to be spread. People would also need to be educated on how and where to use RTI Act.

Kabir, being a communication initiative aims to bridge this gap by getting all relevant information out to the masses. This is done in many different ways at Kabir:

  1. Documentation - We collect instances of the success of the Right To Information Act in securing a better future for our citizens, or even in simply making our government more accountable and efficient.
  2. Dissemination - We distribute the success stories we collect by various means such as through the print and electronic media. We also serve to further people's knowledge of the RTI Act by organizing RTI training camps, workshops, lectures, seminars and discussions.
  3. Media Networking - We serve as a bridge between the media houses and the activists by serving as a storehouse of knowledge and success stories about the RTI movement in India
  4. Activist Networking - We serve to bring together activists from across the country to further enhance the potential of spreading RTI awareness unilaterally across the country.

As a result of our efforts, we create and broaden the scope of a repetitive cycle of people's learning about the effectiveness of the RTI Act in their life from examples of other people, and gradually becoming an inspiration for others.


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