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  1. I use gNewSense, a GNU/Linux distro. I chose that distro because it has the policy of rejecting non-free software. There are two other installable distros that are entirely free: Ututo and BLAG. The FSF sysadmins prefer to maintain gNewSense because it is familiar to them, being similar to Debian, which is what we used to use.
  2. I occasionally use GNOME for tasks that need graphics, but mostly I use a text console.
  3. I spend most of my time editing in Emacs. I read and send mail with Emacs using M-x rmail and C-x m. I edit the pages on this site with Emacs also.
  4. I have several free web browsers on my laptop, but I generally use my own machine only to talk with a few sites operated for or by the GNU Project, FSF or me. I will fetch web pages from other sites by sending mail to a program that runs wget.
  5. The programming languages I use are Lisp and C. They are also my favorite languages. However, since around 1992 I have been very busy with free software activism, too busy to do much programming. As a result, I have not had time to learn newer languages such as Perl, Java, Python or Ruby.
  6. I believe that one should not buy any product with Digital Restrictions Management unless one personally possesses the means to break the DRM. I do not have a copy of DeCSS, so I do not buy (or accept as gifts) encrypted DVDs..

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