EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – For many weeks, CM Punk has been hot on the heels of John Morrison and the ECW Championship. The Straightedge Superstar headed into SummerSlam hoping that his momentum would carry him to victory and the gold, but Morrison put and end to that dream when he defeated Punk at the Biggest Party of the Summer. The self-proclaimed shaman of sexy robbed CM Punk, using the ropes for leverage to steal the victory and end any momentum the Straightedge Superstar had built coming into their encounter.

“Once again I proved that the path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom,” said Morrison. “The ‘Tuesday night delight’ has experienced everything, so there is nothing CM Punk can do that I am not prepared for.”

Despite Punk’s best efforts, the talented champion Morrison withstood the physical nature of the match to keep the title around his waist, much to the disgust of both CM Punk and our fans that don’t see eye-to-eye with the self-proclaimed “enlightened one.”

But Morrison doesn’t care. “I pinned and defeated CM Punk yet again,” he declared. “Punk will complain and say I cheated and used the ropes. He might say I am a bad guy, but the truth is I am not good or bad. John Morrison is beyond good and evil.”

Does this victory leave Morrison a marked man in the Land of the Extreme, or will CM Punk rise once more in defeat to find a way to pass through the gates of paradise to destroy the champion’s palace of wisdom?

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