EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – Fighting through injured ribs, two shillelaghs and a short appearance by Hornswoggle, Kane kicked off the Biggest Party of the Summer by defeating fighting Irishman Finlay with a thunderous chokeslam.

Ever since a coffee mishap led to Kane brutalizing him weeks ago, Finlay has taken every opportunity to attack the Big Red Monster – especially his ribs – with his trusty shillelagh. And while Kane began the match as a proverbial house of fire, all it took was one shot to those injured ribs to stop the Big Red Monster in his tracks.

After one particular assault, Finlay pulled back the ring apron to let Hornswoggle scamper out from under the squared circle – and that’s actually where the “luck of the Irish” left them. As Finlay pushed the Cruiserweight Champion into the ring, Kane sat up, causing the pint-sized pugilist to flee; the momentary distraction allowed Kane to go for the chokeslam, but his rib injury rendered him unable to lift the fighting Irishman.

Since Hornswoggle didn’t work, Finlay decided to use his shillelagh against Kane. The Big Red Monster saw the attempt and thwarted it, but when the referee turned his back to clear the first shillelagh from the ring, Hornswoggle made his second cameo of the night, popping out to give Finlay another, which he used to blast Kane in the ribs. Somehow, though, Kane found the strength to kick out of Finlay’s pinfall attempt.

Moments later, after Finlay ran himself into the ringpost, Kane went for the chokeslam again; this time, he mustered the strength to lift the fighting Irishman. One chokeslam and three seconds later, Kane was the first to notch a victory at the Biggest Party of the Summer.

While Kane’s victory may make him a party pooper in Finlay’s mind, the Big Red Monster finally seems to have gained some retribution for his recent misfortunes.

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