Historical Collections

Newspapers on Microfilm


Bridgeport Courier: 1815-1821 (limited issues)
Bridgeport Daily Standard: 1860; 1869-1891
Bridgeport Evening Farmer: 1866-1917
Bridgeport Evening Standard: Dec. 1861-Feb. 1869
Bridgeport Evening Post: 1893-1906
Bridgeport Leader: 1872-1893
Bridgeport Light: Oct. 1988-April 1990
Bridgeport Messenger: Nov. 26, 1831-Nov. 21, 1832
Bridgeport Post: 1906-1992
Bridgeport Sunday Herald: 1890-1932; 1934-1973
Bridgeport Telegram: 1908-1929; 1938-1990
Bridgeport Times: 1924-1925
Bridgeport Times and Evening Farmer: 1918-1924
Bridgeport Times, Bridgeport Evening Farmer: 1925
Bridgeport Times, the Bridgeport Star: 1926-1927
Connecticut Post: 1992 +
Connecticut Foreign Language Newspapers: 1907-1938 (see list below)
Daily Advertiser and Farmer: 1856-1861
Daily Standard: 1855-1860
Evening Farmer: 1864-1866 [incomplete]
Fairfield Advocate: July 18, 1979-Dec. 1980
Fairfield County Gazette: 19th Century
Herald of Freedom - Bethel, CT: February 23, 1832-December 4, 1833
Hummingbird Bird or Herald of Taste: vol. 1 (April 14 - June 9, 1798)
Morning Union; Morning Telegram and Union; Morning Telegram: 1895-1908
Republican Farmer: 1810-1849 (limited issues - weekly)
Republican Standard: Feb. 1840-March 1848 (weekly)
Sentinella: April 1920- September 1948
Temperance Journals, various titles, 1866-1904
Spirit of the Times: Oct. 6, 1830-Sept. 26, 1832
Times-Star: March 1927-November, 1941
Tri-Weekly Standard: January, 1850-July, 1854


Hartford Current: Oct. 29, 1764-Dec. 27, 1851; Index: 1764-1820
Danbury Republican Farmer: 1804-1808 (limited issues)*
Naugatuck Enterprise: September 10, 1880-December 29, 1922
Newfield American Telelgraph: 1796-1800 (limited issues)*


Independent (New York): Jan. 1900-June 1900
New York Times: January 1852 - present
Washington Post: January 1988 - present

red star imagePlease note, film dates indicate ranges in library holdings; individual issues/dates might not be present on film.

Connecticut Foreign Language Newspapers (1907-1938)
attention: 1 reel only, limited issues, includes:

Bridgeporti Ujsag
Capitale Tribuna Di Hartford
Connecticut American
Gazzetta (Waterbury, Conn.)
Italian=American Weekly News
Messaggero Del New England = The New England Messenger
Osterns Harold = The Eastern Herald
Parola Cattolica
Progresso Di Waterbury
San Carlino
Sole (Bridgeport, Conn.)
Tribuna Di Hartford = The Hartford Tribune
Vittoria (Bridgeport, Conn.)
Voce Italiana

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Related Bridgeport Newspapers and Series

Daily Advertiser and Farmer: 1856-1861
Evening Farmer: 1864
Bridgeport Evening Farmer: 1864-1917
Merges "Bridgeport Times and Evening Farmer," Jan. 1918 + "Leader" Series (1872-1893), includes:
Daily Leader; Leader

"The Post"
Daily Post 1883-1885
Evening Post 1885-1893
"Bridgeport Telegram," morning editions 1908 +
Bridgeport Evening Post 1893-1906
Bridgeport Post 1906-1992
Absorbs "Telegram" 1988
Connecticut Post 1992+

"The Standard"
Bridgeport Republican 1835-1839
Republican Standard 1839-1913
Tri-Weekly Standard 1850-1854
Daily Standard 1854-1859
Bridgeport Daily Standard 1860-1861
Bridgeport Evening Standard 1862-1869
Bridgeport Daily Standard 1869-1891
Bridgeport Standard 1891-1917
Bridgeport Standard American 1917
Standard American 1918-1919

red star image Please note that dates for microfilm represent approximate ranges. Some gaps in collection exist; not all months are available.

double red star imageNEWSPAPER FILMING PROJECT
The Bridgeport Public Library is currently planning a long-term project
for microfilming Bridgeport newspapers. Microfilming these papers is the
best method of preserving Bridgeport publications and ensuring that they
will be available to researchers for many generations to come. If you own
any old Bridgeport newspapers and would be willing to lend those issues to
the BPL for use in its filming project, please read the list below to see
if your papers are needed for the project. Thank you for your interest!

Bridgeport Papers Needed for Filming

ANY issues from non-English language papers
Boneville Trumpet - 1869-1870
Bridgeport Courier - 1810's-1820's
Bridgeport Morning News - 1880-1885
Bridgeport Morning Telegram - 1896-1900
Bridgeport Post - 1908-1913
Bridgeport Standard - 1909-1910
Bridgeport Star - 1890-1920
Bridgeport Sunday Herald - whole series
Bridgeport Sun, Weekly Sun, Weekly Sun and Budget - 1878-1890
Bridgeport Telegram - 1909-1913
Bridgeport Union, Daily Union, Morning Union - 1891-1895;1901
Daily Post - 1883-1893
Daily Advertiser & Farmer - 1856-1857; 1864, various issues
Daily Standard - 1857-1859, various issues
Evening Herald, Star-Herald, Eve. Star and Eve. Herald - 1919-1927
Republican Farmer - May 1810-1920, various issues
Republican Standard - various issues
Sunday Herald - 1933
Tri-Weekly Standard - 1850-1857, various issues
Weekly Budget - 1872-1877