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A Hard Day's Night

The strikingly original classic captures all the fun, excitement, and unforgettable music of John, Paul, George, and Ringo at the height of Beatlemania! It's a wildly irreverent day in the life of the world's great rock 'n' roll band! As they prepare for a big TV appearance, the Beatles perform their songs, look for adventure ... and try in vain to keep Paul's mischief-making grandfather out of trouble ... all while avoiding hordes of screaming fans! Packed with all-time Beatle favorites including "A Hard Day's Night," "All My Loving," "Can't Buy Me Love," "I Should've Known Better," "She Loves You," and "Tell Me Why," director Richard Lester's groundbreaking motion picture collaboration with the "Fab Four" is itself a treasured piece of rock history that remains influential to this day!

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As Himself John Lennon
As Himself Paul McCartney
As Himself George Harrison
As Himself Ringo Starr
Paul's Grandfather Wilfrid Brambell
Norm Norman Rossington
Shake John Junkin
TV Director Victor Spinetti
Millie Anna Quayle
Police Inspector Deryck Guyler
Man On Train Richard Vernon
Hotel Waiter Edward Malin
Jean (Schoolgirl On Train) Pattie Boyd
Screaming Fan Phil Collins
TV Floor Manager Robin Ray
Directed By:
Richard Lester
Written By:
Alun Owen

Theatrical Release Date(s): 1964
Studio: Miramax Films
U.S. Rating: G
Approximate Run Time: 88 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Bonus Feature(s):
• DISC ONE: New Promotional Special "Things They Said Today ..."
• DISC TWO: "Their Production Will Be Second To None" -- Interviews With The Filmmakers (Director Richard Lester, Musical Director Sir George Martin, Associate Producer Denis O'Dell, Studio Executive David Picker)
• "With The Beatles" -- Cast (John Junkin, Lionel Blair, Kenneth Haigh, David Janson, Anna Quayle, Jeremy Lloyd, Terry Hooper)
• "Working Like A Dog" -- The Production Crew (Gilbert Taylor BSC, Paul Wilson, Betty Glasow, Barrie Melrose)
• "Busy Working Overtime" -- Post Production Crew (Pam Tomling & Roy Benson, Gordon Daniels & Jim Roddan)
• "Listen To The Music Playing In Your Head" -- Sir George Martin On The HDN Songs
• "Such A Clean Old Man!" -- Memories of Wilfrid Brambell
• "I've Lost My Little Girl" -- Isla Blair Interview
• "Taking Testimonial Pictures" -- Robert Freeman Interview
• "Dressed To The Hilt" -- Gordon Millings Interview
• "Dealing With 'The Men From The Press'" -- Tony Barrow Interview
• "They And I Have Memories" -- Klaus Voorman Interview
• "Hitting The Big Time In The USA" -- Sid Bernstein Interview
• DVD-ROM FEATURES: Screenplay Viewer -- Reproduction Of The Entire First Draft Of The Screenplay
• "Remember All The Little Things" -- "A Hard Day's Night" Scrapbook
• Roundtable Discussions -- Cast, Production Crew, And Post Production Crew
• Access To The DVD Destination Site
• Award-Winning "A Hard Day's Night" Website Archive
Technical Specifications:
Not All Technical Specifications Apply To All Elements
• Black & White
• 1.66:1 Aspect Ratio
• Region 1
• Digitally Mastered, French
Language(s): English, French
UPC: 717951004864