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Headquartered in New York, the Miss Universe Organization is a global organization reaching every state and scores of countries around the world. As their preliminary steps the Delegates compete in local and/or state pageants; which are produced by local and state pageant directors. The state winners become the Delegates for the national competition. MISS UNIVERSE® delegates must win their respective national titles in their countries to compete in the event. There are currently 151 countries that are members of the Miss Universe Organization, and delegates from approximately 80 countries aggressively vie for the title of MISS UNIVERSE® each year.

In July 2002, the Miss Universe Organization appointed Mr. Johnny Kao, famous Chinese American entrepreneur and businessman, as the National Direction for China. The appointment included authorization to host and organize national pageants in China, Hong Kong, and Macau, and the authorization to prepare the 2005 and 2006 Miss Universe Pageants in China. To help with activities in China, the Miss Universe China Organization Ltd. (MUCO) was founded in July 2002 in Hong Kong, with Mr. Johnny Kao as Chairman, and Mr. Nick Qin, President of China Professional Tours, as Director and Executive President.

In the fall of 2002, Mr. Johnny Kao and Mr. Nick Qin traveled in China and met with many organizations and government agencies interested in organizing the Miss China Pageant. After numerous meetings and discussions, Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau was selected as the organization to prepare and organize the first official Miss China Pageant, and to coordinate other local provincial level pageants. With official appointment from the Miss Universe China Organization, the first official Miss China (Universe) Pageant was held on April 20, 2003. Miss Wu Wei, from Fujian, China, won the title of Miss China. Miss Wu Wei became the first official Miss China to participate in the Miss Universe Pageant in Panama in June 2003.

The purpose of the MUCO is to promote the "Enterprise of Beauty" in China, but beauty is not the only reason for the pageants. The pageants help promote, advance and support today's women, who are savvy, goal-oriented and aware, combining beauty with intellegence. The delegates who take part in the competition display those characteristics in their everyday lives, both as individuals who participate in the competitions to advance their careers, personal and humanitarian goals, and as women who seek to improve the lives of others. Miss China takes part in various social and charity activities after winning the title to promote health, education, and welfare of women in China, as well as other social groups. With approval from the Chinese government and working closely with various levels of government agencies and organizations, MUCO will engage in winning the bid for China to host the Miss Universe Pageant, organize future Miss China Pageants, and help promote local level pageants, all with approval from the various level of government agencies and in accordance with Chinese government regulations.



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