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World of Warcraft Clear

Dual Logging Ė Playing 2 Accounts at Once

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Nogame Profile

Author: Nogame
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While some say that dual logging may include logging in 2 accounts at the same time to mule goods, using a second account to check the auction house or maybe even power leveling a dormant character. However, what I am referring to is actually is playing 2 characters to fight, level, quest or even pvp at the same time. This means that both characters are using skills and spells during each fight while you control them from one or two consoles.

Iíve always loved the challenge dual logging brings to any MMORPG. At times Iíve tripled logged (using 2 computers) to accomplish specific goals that werenít possible to do alone. I even know a guy who plays 6 characters at the same time (donít ask me how he does it) in Final Fantasy XI. Though this concept may seem like insanity to some people and others simply donít believe its possible, itís a lot of fun and really heightens the challenge of playing any MMORPG especially World of Warcraft.

Common Misconceptions

There are a few common misconceptions to dual logging. The first and foremost, you cannot use a single account to dual log. You will have to have 2 accounts to dual log, which means you will have to purchase and pay for 2 World of Warcraft accounts on a monthly basis. Geeky? Hell yes it is, but youíll be the envy of your friends and family once you tell them ďI played through Scarlet Monastery on 2 characters at the same time!Ē To dual log you gotta pay the cash and grab 2 copies of the game from your nearest crack rock dealerÖ er, Gamestop.

You do not have to have a godly computer to dual log. I have an Intel Pentium 2.4 processor with a Radeon 9800 pro and a gig of ram. I dual logged my first few characters with 512 megs of ram but that extra stick really made a huge difference. The trick is disabling your sound on both accounts and lowering your texture quality. The sound will eliminate a lot of the hardware lag youíll be having when dual log and depending on your computer you may or may not have to lower your texture quality. Just remember, WoW is more intensive on your ram then your video card.

Why Dual Log?

Iím one of those players who gets more enjoyment by improving myself as a player then actually adventuring through the game. Leveling my first 60 was a lot of fun but the next logical challenge is to do it with 2 toons at the same time. Iím sure playing 3 toons to 60 wonít be too far behind once Iíve achieved my current goal. I just like the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment I get from doing some things that otherwise wouldnít be possible for a single person to do.

Itís also just nice to always be in control of your situation. You donít ever have to find a group (outside of instances) you can just do that really hard quest alone. Youíd be surprised at what you can tackle with 2 characters when you play them seamlessly. Elite quests will no longer require pick up groups, youíve already got all the group youíll need. Sure it may be a little tougher to do the quest, but youíll get a great feeling of accomplishment when itís completed.

Why level one character when you can level two characters at the same time? If youíre going to level a character, you might as well level two if you can handle it. At least youíll be challenging yourself with new goals.

My Setup

While some people use multiple computers to dual log, I prefer using just one. The monitor in which I play WoW on is 19 inches so I log both accounts on and leave them in windowed mode. I move one window to the upper left hand side of the screen and one window to the lower right hand side of the screen. Though they slightly overlap, I see what is important at all times.

View Larger Version

I use one character to navigate the world and the second character has a hotkey for ďfollowĒ that allows him to quickly follow the leader. Which character leads the group depends on your preference but it is important to remember the leader will always get agro first (if your toons are of similar level) so it may be a good idea to have a mail or plate wearer for the leader role. I generally choose my lead based upon who will attack first but thatís just me and you should choose whatever youíre more comfortable with.

I use alt-tabbing to move between both accounts quickly. Alt-Tab is the windows hotkey to change your active window to whatever your most recent window was. This allows you to hit Alt-Tab to move back and forth between applications (in this case, 2 copies of World of Wacraft). So for example, if my mageís fireball was on hotkey slot 2, and his Fire Blast was on slot 4 while my paladins attack hotkey is 1, heal key is 3 and his follow key is on 4, a scenario like this commonly arises:

-mage active-
Press 2
[Alt tab]
Press 1
[Alt tab]
Press 4
Press 2
[Alt tab]
-click on mage-
Press 3
[Alt tab]
Press 4
[Alt tab]
Press 4 (for follow mage)
[Alt Tab]
Loot and move on

Though I donít usually heal during every fight this sequence is pretty common. As I switched between my characters (5 times in this example) you can see how the fight goes down if you were paying attention to the hot keys.

My WoW Dual Logged Toons

Iíve tried many combinations of races/classes for dual logging purposes however I always stick with the healer / damage dealer or tank formula. I enjoy having no down time and being able to resurrect myself if I pick a fight I donít win a fight.

So far my favorite combination has been a Rogue and a Shaman. Quick kills, versatile skill sets and a lot of options really makes this combo a fun one. The rogue and shaman both wear leather (until lvl 40) which allows for a decent amount of tankability from each character. Rogues do very fast damage and when fighting 3 or 4 mobs at a time you can always drop a totem to give you that extra defensive/offensive power. It also wasnít necessary to drop totems on every fight, single mobs die so fast youíll just be wasting mana. Truly a fun combination and I great for pvp as you can use your 2nd account for bait as your rogue stealths next to him.

Iíve also really enjoyed my Paladin and Mage combination. The mage can really dish out the damage while the Paladin can really take it. The plated Paladin has no problem getting away if the mage dies so resurrection is always an option if the worst should happen. The only annoyance is the mageís down time on mana and the paladinís tauntability. Since the mage does so much damage its often hard for the paladin to hold agro, however Paladin heals generate small amounts of agro that add up over time. Remember, you donít have to attack each mob to gain agro, just heal yourself when the fight starts.

Iíve also tried my hand with the Warrior / Priest combination though it was a little slow for my tastes. Having to keep a close proximity between the battle-frenzy warrior and the fragile priest is often very stressful. Specíing to Shadow while maintaining healing may have been a stronger approach but Iíd have to gauge that on the down time with the priestís mana depreciation.

I always wanted to try a Rogue and a Paladin but had no need for another of each class. The tankability of the paladin would be there and the rogueís fast damage output could make the combination very lethal. Combine the rogue with Blessings and Seals and youíve got very fast kills with little to no down time (I love the fact that paladins do damage without having to rely heavily on mana).


The biggest tip I can give is that you canít play a dual logged character as if you were 2 people. By trying to simulate a 2 player fight you can end up getting more stressed then its worth and ultimately play very sloppy. Example would be that if you were a mage grouped with a paladin, the mage would commonly stay far behind the paladin to do ranged damage. When 2 people are playing this setup works fine because the paladin can run after the mob if the mob aggros the mage. But in our little dual logged world it creates stress. The less brainpower you have to spend navigating your characters mid-fight, the better. Hitting hot keys for skills and spells is a lot less mentally exhausting without having the challenge of moving at the same time. It may sound trivial but youíll know what I mean when you test it out.

Aggro is always a big concern but since you should have at least one healing character in your combo, you have a little leniency. Iíll let my mage tank the some fights and just heal with my paladin because Iím comfortable with the situation. Depending on your characters youíll want to assess how much agro is tolerable based on the situation at hand.

Adds are by far the worst and the best thing to occur when dual logged. When adds are introduced to the mix, youíll really start to test your dual logging ability as you have to maintain health of both characters as well as agro while doing damage to multiple targets. With each add that comes into the fight, the situation becomes much more complex. Practice will make perfect with this but just calm down and take them as they come. Most likely you wont survive your first 6 vs 2 add situation but with practice itíll come with ease. The reason why they are the ďbestĒ thing to occur when dual logged is because having multiple adds and a long fight REALLY gets the adrenaline pumping. When you can consistently take out 6 mobs your level while dual logged, youíll feel pretty damn good about yourself after a while.


If thereís one that dual logging does, its give you options. Quest or grind youíll be more capable then any single player out there. Elite questsÖ no problem, youíre a one man wrecking crew with a healer and a damage dealer. Grinding is obviously a lot less stressful but still eventful. Donít worry though, since your playing 2 characters at once, grinding sure wonít be boring, thereís always a challenge that will present itself if you let it.

I choose to grind in the areas my quests take me for long periods of time. Thatís just my strategy on it and if you get into the solo mentality of dual logging, you may find it hard to ask guild mates to help you out on an instance run since youíre so used to controlling your own progression.

When doing quests itís important to pay attention to both characters. Thereís nothing like getting 5 quests, walking a zone away then realizing one of your characterís quest logs were full on a quest that is not sharable. Or perhaps doing an escort quest while not noticing to Ďaccept this questí box when it starts. When fighting or talking to other players, these things are quickly overlooked as you multi-task both characters.


Since youíre playing 2 characters at once you can have every gathering profession accounted for. Or you can tailor (no pun intended) your professions to a suitable fit for both of your characters. On a new server I like to choose skinning and mining on one character and tailoring and herbalism on the other. This way I can collect all the resources necessary to eventually level up any profession in the future. It takes some time getting used to 2 mini-maps with different resource locations on each but youíll get used to it in time.


It takes time to get it right. After dual logging 2 toons up to 30 I still didnít have all the basics down. After leveling a few more characters and critiquing my own gameplay I could dual log any quest and maintain in-game conversion with friends while watching old school Kung Fu movies on DVD. It just takes some time and patience with the complexity of dual logging, donít give up, just keep at it.

If you keep getting groups of adds and wiping, the best advice I can give you is to take a step back from things for a moment. Think about the situation before it arises and critique what you would do to win the fight. When dual logging you donít get a lot of time to think creatively while fighting, youíll have to have the solution at your disposal before the fight begins. Becoming mentally prepared for an ugly pull and knowing what to do if the situation arises is by far your best offense. When fighting 4 or 5 mobs at once and your cloth wearing priest has 20% of his hit points while your warrior needs to kill an aoe totem as 4 trolls mug you, your brain wonít necessarily have the capacity to find a solution to kill the extra adds while dealing with the other problems at hand.


Dual logging presents an awesome complex style of gameplay and really intensifies the challenge of playing World of Warcraft. It does not require a super computer to dual log properly however you will need to have multi-tasking skills to get the job done. There are many benefits including increased challenge, faster quest progression, full independence of groups outside of instances.

As for the ultimate irony, the most mentally exhausting part of dual logging isnít the quests or the instances itís going into town and trying to choose which items to vendor on two characters at the same time. Now talk about confusion and stress.

WoW Clear
World of Warcraft Clear
User Comments
Sweet Guide!  The Shaman on 03/30/05 17:26

Very nice, now I just need to get another account o.O

Are you trying to increase my spending habits?

w00t  Mujave on 04/01/05 09:24
At first I thought this was an "april fools funny haha you believed me guide" :O

Nice guide Nogame...  Punchin on 04/11/05 12:29
I'm an extremely long time "boxer" as we sometimes say. I play two PC's, two accounts, aka "two-boxing". For fun I sometimes throw a third PC into the mix but that's a bit crazy and like most people I like to relax sometimes and enjoy the game. This is the third MMORPG I've played this way and I've been at it about 3 years now, it can be quite rewarding. Like you, I think I origionally did it for two reasons. One was that it was just time to take online gaming to the next level. The other was that at the time, I was playing Everquest which has a much higher dependency on grouping. It became necessary to basically create my own to enjoy the game to it's fullest, without any wait times.

I'll add some comments below but in summary, more power to you and hopefully there will be a lot of people that read your note and decide it would be fun to try.

Rewards - Lets start with the good part, you can pull some nice rewards two boxing (or multiboxing). Quest completion, elites, etc will all be easier. Adding to what Nogame wrote above, don't forget the fact that you'll have two full characters worth of loot containers. When I make trips back to sell, it can be quite a good return. To enhance this, forcus on one character as the "tank" and one as the "backup". Buy armor and weapons predominantly for the tank and only buy for your backup as needed. This will ensure a surplus of gold for the pair and honestly you don't have to have the best of everything for both of them.

Professions - Again, focusing on your primary character is true of professions. It's easier to have your main character as a "collector" and your secondary as "artisan". The reason is that you will frequently auto-follow and it's more of a pain to switch to the secondary to pick up herbs, skin, or mine than it would be to just do it with your primary. On the flip sids of that, when you do take time to make items, your secondary can get all of the goods they need at that time (from your primary hopefully) and do it in a batch mode.

Hotkeys and Macros - If you're going to try this you MUST learn your keyboard hotkeys. No excuses. You can't effectively move, target, and click buttons with two different computers, or flipping between windows on the same computer. First things first, create a macro on the secondary account for:
/target maincharactername
Place the button for that macro ON YOUR MAIN BAR. Memorize that number, you will use it a million times. Every time you are stunned, put to sleep, knocked back, or stray from the path you simply hit that key once, and presto, you're following your main again. Make another macro with:
/assist maincharactername
Place that one also on your main bar and pick a key that's easy to reach and remember. Like auto-follow, you'll be hitting this key a million times. For me, 1 is assit, 2 is auto-follow. Those particular keys have the numbers worn off my second keyboard from me hitting them so much. If you second character will also melee, add /attack to that macro above.

Second, learn your F key numbers for anyone in your group. These change depending on who is group leader. If you mistarget and assist or mistarget and heal, somebody will die really quick. It's essential that this becomes second nature. Main tank is hurt? F2, # for heal, 1 to switch back to his target, # for your damage spell. In 5 seconds I can take care of the problem.

Finally, put the major actions on the main bar and learn their numbers by heart. When I play I very infrequently look at my second screen. There's no need really since I can hit a key to assist, hit a key to cast a spell, and after the fight, hit another key to ensure auto-follow is still on. My screens are fairly close and I can look if I need to, but most of the time I don't.

Movement - This part is easy, run around everywhere like you are towing a tractor trailer behind you. It becomes second nature after a while. If you turn a corner, do it in a wide sweeping turn so your second character doesn't clip off and get stuck. This is very important on elevators, very narrow stairs, etc. Fighting can be a challenge as well since you will often have the creature out of reach for the second account to hit it. If your second character is a caster type, just learn to position the creature within a cone extending out from their line of sight. If the second account is a fighting type, use a "circle strafe" to pull the creature basically in between you and your secondary character. This ensures you can both hit it at the same time.

When all hell breaks loose - Sometimes the flood gates open and you get too much to handle. This happens. If you are the type of person who gets upset at dying stop reading here and go back to enjoying a single account experience. A simple fact of multiple account playing: You will die twice as much. In fact, you'll die more than that. :) What ends up happening is that you will frequently sacrifice one of the characters in order to allow the other one to escape. If you have a rezzer, this would be your first choice to save. If you don't, pick the stronger of the two, or even better, the one with the more valuable armor (and thus the bigger repair bill if they die). Don't get discouraged, it'll happen a lot and you'll find after a while that you don't sweat dying nearly as much as when you played one account only.

Admission - Always, always, always, let people know you are playing multiple accounts if you group with them. That way they know and if they have a problem they will tell you. Some people don't want folks in their group doing that and I respect their choice (though they don't understand I work as a great team and have been doing this better than solo players for a while). Don't try to hide the fact and then get another party member killed because it doesn't help your rep, nor the rep of other two-boxers either.

What you will find after a short while is that playing multiple accounts becomes much more than half the fun. What seems tough at first will soon become second nature so stick with it and enjoy the instant group you have now become. =)

Interesting guide!  mcguigan97 on 04/18/05 09:25
Wow. I thought I was the only one who self-duoed! Not really. But there can't be too many of us out there.

I can see that I've not really tapped the potential of the configuration. I have a warrior / priest duo. Basically my warrior plays and my priest just heals when necessary. I run both on maximized windows and just click on the bottom bar to switch, then click heal, then click on the warrior's program. As you said, warrior/priest is slow, but that makes it easy to duo. Especially because my warrior is 1H/shield/prot spec. I'd recommend it for anyone who isn't L33t and doesn't want to write macros, memorize keys, etc.

I'll try the two-windows approach. The /follow and /assist macros also make total sense, a nice tip from Punchin.

I self-duo because I can't group. I don't usually have time, and when I do, I could be called away any moment, which wouldn't be fair to the group I'm in. Anyone who is interested in the same, I recommend tailor/enchanter for one of your characters. The enchanting really helps buff both your characters (+stamina and +weapon damage are the most important enchants). With your other character, as you level them up, your alt can disenchant what you make, either for materials or to sell the dusts/essences. I'm mining/blacksmithing with my warrior, and there is great synergy between blacksmithing and enchanting.

My last tip is that stamina is king. For your melee character, it keeps them alive longer, which is extra time to use your healer when things get tough. And for your healer, you won't be going Out Of Mana as you won't be casting that much. When I wipe, it's almost never because my warrior dies. It's because my priest aggros several creeps and dies before my warrior can get them all back. So I've maximized the priest's health. In fact, buffed with Fortitude, my priest has 100 more health than mana.

  wulfheir on 04/28/05 13:21
Just started dual boxing WoW. I have dual boxed DAoC and SWG in the past. I got a lvl 60 shaman on my main acct. I'm levelling up a priest on my 2nd acct because we need one in our guild, and it's also a ploy to get my GF gaming with me again. So my 60 shaman is just assisting my priest level. Reduces need to group with bad players who waste time, reduces risk of death to almost zero, reduces downtime between pulls, reduces time lost due to corpse runs, and reduces need to grind money for design skills/spells/items. I was thinking about starting 2 new characters at the same level and levelling them up together, but my experience has primarily been using the stronger to pl the weaker. Maybe after my priest is 60 I'll roll 2 new toons. A rogue/druid combo interests me.

Nice.  daudur on 06/07/05 13:04
I just got my 2nd account and i knew i wouldnt regret it from the first minutes. I would not be surprised at all if WoW was made with this playstyle in mind, becouse i can run both clients without ANY problems, i can switch between them like its a feature in the game. Questing for a low lvl with a max level is fun :)

I decided finally to go for the 2nd account after reading your guide.

hmmm...  Baydoth on 06/29/05 11:52
I don't think dual log in is a good idea... sorta wrecks the game for ya.. well me... and yah maybe it's fine for you guys

Installation  wildjohn999 on 08/19/05 10:04
Do you really need two copies of WOW? I took my friend's copy to see if I could dual install it to my D: instead of the usual C: and got a prompt from the installer if I wanted to play WOW, clicking this prompt just launched my current install of WOW instead of doing a new install.

Did you really mean you need to sign up for another account of WOW and then launch another instance of WOW to log in with the alternate account, so that you can dual box? Thanks for any info.

Playing  phorkinkillaa on 09/15/05 15:16
After reading a lot of topics on this website, this one caught my interest the most. Dual logging, YES I must try it. I am an avid WOW fan and have enjoyed levelling my first character to 60. Now I have created 9 other characters, both horde and alliance on one account and have been levelling them, however it just doesnt seem the same and I was getting bored with it. Now, dual logging has basically opened a whole new game for me, what excitement, running around areas with characters virtually the same level and helping each other out. This is all new to me, and yes I have wiped several times, however the enjoyment of saying "o no, another add" and not running away instantly or wiping and being able to play through it and survive is one of the best feelings whilst playing this game. Money doesnt seem to be much trouble getting either. With good proffessions and gathering skills, I almost never have to worry about "buying" good equipment as it is always available and if I ever run out of resources, two grinders are better than one.

I would like to thank the guys for writing in these guides about dual logging casue if it wasnt for them, I wouldnt be doing it.

  Walksnshadow on 10/06/05 05:18
Just read this guide and it solved my problem of finding a healer willing to follow me around and keep my mage alive while I AOE! Best part is, I don't have to group and lose xp!

Dual Logging  dquill on 11/04/05 17:57
I've been duel boxing wow for the past six months or so. I gotta admit, it's far more fun then soloing the game.

My favorite combination is shaman/mage. You wouldn't believe how many mobs I can take out. It's actually a very fun strategy, unlike any in the game I've seen. Basically, I want the mage to get aggro. I've specced for arcane (the mage basically arcane blasts), while the shaman heals and does his own aoe.

I can manage 2-3 levels ahead of my characters up to 6-7 at a time. Talk about farming, it's rather amazing.

Recently been playing with a hunter/warlock combo, but without the heal it's a bit tougher to do.

If you're considering trying to dual log/dual box, I highly recommend it.

Question  Baseflurry on 11/17/05 22:31
read the guide and the comments and really look forward to doing this but have to ask.

I have read the beginning of the license agreement with blizzard that say something about you can have one account. so i want to know if blizzard doesn't have any problem with dual logging? they shouldn't since you pay them double for one person so all win for them...

Dual @ Molten Core  Deluhathol on 12/29/05 17:57
I had to play my friend's priest at the same time as my own rogue in MC occassionally. It certainly does bring the game to a totally different level. Usually these two characters don't end up in the same group, which makes it even more challenging!

Just Starting  Dhar on 03/13/06 07:30
I started playing these MMOG about 2 years ago, EQ to be exact. A friend use to 3-box and he was really good. Anyway, I have a 60 Warlock and 60 Mage on my main account, and I also find my time limited somewhat, so I got a second account and now have a 60 priest. I play my main on a desktop machine, and my "Heal-Bot" on a laptop which sits right next to it. My Heal-Bot has keybindings to cast all heals/shields/face melting at my main, at himself and at my main's "target of target".
I put the bot on autofollow, and I just keep one hand free as needed to hit the keys while concentrating on my main. Life is really easy mode now in most cases. I did try to run through Sunken Temple and though I could get by a couple pulls, the mob numbers are to overwhelming, at least for a Lock/Priest or Mage/Priest combo. I have a friend who 2-boxes a Shammy/Warrior so we may try dual 2-boxing soon.

I made an account here just to share what I know to this great guide  wleach on 03/13/06 18:07
I agree with almost everything posted here but want to add my own ideas too.
I have 3-boxed for the last 3-years in DAOC, and WoW since it shipped.
(Warrior-Priest-Mage) and (Rouge-Druid-Mage)

I use totally custom keybindings that are based off the home row of the keyboard so I can have more buttons available to me without looking.

I use a chordless mouse with a 'forward' and 'back' button, which I remap to 'shift' and 'control' so I can multiply the amount of buttons I have available to me to click by 3.

I use a peripheral sharing program that lets me move my mouse from one computer's monitor to the next. When the mouse is on the other computers the keyboard works for those other computers.

I have a nostromo n52 for each computer I bot. I turn them backwards so the buttons are close to me and put them behind the F-keys on my keyboard. This gives me a mini keyboard for each computer inches away from my left hand.

I use a self programed custom addon that uses whispercast as its backbone so the main computer can send information to the botted computers. IE: follow me. There are still a few things you can do in the game without clicking a button and this works great for those few things.

I like to use castparty on my healing class so I can quickly heal anyone in my group or raid with a single click.

If you beleive the lua should never be broken and detest the fact that I feel ok with breaking one aspect to make my life easier don't read further. I use the last idea here to tell the bot to do something by clicking a button on the mains computer. I still sleep at night because I am still clicking a button to do the action, just on the wrong computer.

I am willing to break the lua, the part that says you can not use a 3rd party program to give you an advantage in the game. I use a program that comes with the nostromo n-52 to click a single button over and over. The button is by default set to do nothing. However, when the main sends one of the bots a tell, it changes what that button does momentarily. This greatly reduces the amount of times I have to move the mouse to another screen or click another computers keyboard. This also lets me heal anyone in the raid or group by click their name on the warrior's screen.

  Dancook on 05/04/06 04:41
I also use an N52 and primarly like to control a priest/warrior combo.

I have keys setup on N52 for macro's like... (not necessarily correct formatting(

/target warrior

Also I have the addon swpshoot which casts shadowword pain and wands target on a single keypress - this will even cast SW:Pain whilst moving and wand when stationary. So my macro looks like

/assist warrior

I use them to grind tyr's hand and will have no problems taking on 3 54 level elites at once with my warrior fury crit build and priest keeping him alive.

You can use a high level healer to 'semi-power level' another char. Just make sure they are not partied and do not contribute to DPS unless necessary. Adding DPS will lower the EXP, partying will lower the EXP. Just healing is enough to remove downtime which will in turn increase leveling speed :)

I've PM'ed wleach - i'd like to know what the N52 trick you do is - please get in touch - thanks

  Koldstone on 05/04/06 11:11
I know to many of you this may seem trivial... but i must ask.

I am extreamly intrested in two boxing... but for the life of me... when i minimize my widow from the world of warcraft options i can not get it to look like the pictuire up there .. furthre more i am not able to move it freely around...

Is there a program or mod i need to install to allow me this freedom? if so i have no qualms getting it.

So far all i am able to do is minimize my screen so so that if i have anotehr account playing follow the leader i can click on it to bring its screen up... but i can not get two screens to show up at the same time. let aone to be able to move thjem around to adjust them where it would be easist for me to click from one to the other as needed.

  Dancook on 05/11/06 05:07
I've written my own article, just to give some other information about how I actually go about two-boxing.

Two-boxing World of Warcraft

Koldstone if you go into the video options you can set WOW to windowed mode.

  wallgecko on 05/24/06 09:14
My normally uber 'find stuff in the dark murk of the net' skills have failed me.

Could someone throw me a bone on how to get two copies of WoW (in my case WoW US & WoW Euro) installed on the same system.


  prexium01 on 10/31/06 19:16
Lol i used to do this same exact thing, but with 4 accounts on anrachy online, not just 2 :P

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