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We Win! Nestle to sell Coffee Crisps Nationwide!!!
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Nestle Launches
Along with their US launch, the folks at Nestle have created! However, as they say on the site "...availability is somewhat limited". Luckily, they do list many chains that are now carrying Coffee Crisp.

To get them into your local store it looks like we'll have to help! To that end Nestle has posted a request form (petition) to get the ball rolling. So please do yourself a favor and help us all out by getting your store to stock Coffee Crisp!

Also, let your friends in on the good news!

We Win! Coffee Crisp to be Sold Nationwide!
DATELINE Fall 2006:

After six long years of petitioning Nestle they have finally seen the light. In late July, 2006 Nestle began to market Coffee Crisp nationally, treating it like any other of the many candy bars they sell in the U.S. For the first time, Americans will finally be exposed to what had previously been an exclusively Canadian delicacy.

Many thanks go out to thousands of petitioners who have made this site what it is, and to their persistent knocking at Nestle's door.

It's tempting to say that the petition no longer has a role to play. However, as the only website dedicated solely to the cause and celebration of Coffee Crisp, the greatest candy bar of all, we feel that there's still a place for us.

Not Finished Yet: A New Role For
Wait, the petition isn't finished yet! While we might have achieved our goal of getting Nestle to sell Coffee Crisp across the entire U.S., we feel we can still play a role in helping people find Coffee Crisp by informing them of where to look. To do this we'll continue to still rely on your help, as we have for years.

Keep in mind that just because Nestle is now selling Coffee Crisp nationally, it doesn't mean every gas station or supermarket will stock them. So, if you want them to TELL THEM. Additionaly, if you spot a store selling Coffee Crisp, LET US KNOW by e-mail and we'll post your sighting. It's also great fun receiving blogs involing Coffee Crisp. Many we've received are often quite funny.

And so, the petition lives on...


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