About Us 

Our Culture

Talk to our customers. They'll tell you how quickly they heard back on a loan application. They may even talk about their account representative - either as a business associate or a fellow parent, scout leader or community volunteer. Above all, they'll tell you we make them feel like they matter - like they're more than an account number.

Whether it's by funding a new business, buying a home or planning for retirement, West Coast Bank has been in the business of helping people succeed for more than 78 years. After all, they're more than our customers. They're our neighbors.

Our Core Values:

Integrity: We are committed to honest, respectful, ethical relations with our customers, business partners, and fellow employees.

Respect: We believe in a work environment based on teamwork, encouragement, trust, concern, and honest and responsible communication among all employees. We recognize that employees who feel valued are more likely to value the customers they serve.

Quality: We constantly strive for excellence and continuous improvement in our business practices and results.

Communication: We clearly state our needs and expectations of others, and we clearly express our thoughts and ideas.

Commitment: We demonstrate persistence, determination, and tenacity in achieving both our individual and corporate goals.

Client Value Proposition: Serve clients who need the resources, sophisticated products, and expertise of larger financial organizations - along with the local decision-making power, market knowledge, and orientation of a community bank.

And our employees?
You are the public face of our company. Our success lies completely with you. Because our business is based on our reputation for superior service, every customer interaction is crucial. So we make sure you're given the training and support you need to make day-to-day decisions with confidence. You're empowered to do whatever it takes to meet our customers' expectations. You're given a lot of responsibility. You're also given the respect and appreciation that go with it.



Did You Know?

  • We were voted one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For In Oregon for 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007! Our employees grade us highly in everything from working environment to performance management. (We must be doing something right.)

  • 39% of our 2006 hires were referrals made by people who already work here. (When you've got a good thing going, word travels fast.)

  • We provided our employees with 27,089 hours of training in 2006. (You can never be too rich or too smart.)

  • Our employees stay with us for an average of 4.86 years. 12 percent have been here more than 10 years. (How long have you been at your current job?)

  • We offer big-bank services, and small-bank service. Our loans are processed in Wilsonville, Oregon not some faceless process center, thousands of miles from home. (That means our customers get answers, fast.)

  • Most employees work a standard work week, Monday-through-Friday, and work days typically end no later than 6:00 pm. While we do have some Saturday shifts, employees may have opportunities to rotate through these shifts. (Ah, the proverbial "bankers' hours.")

  • We make a difference in our communities, working with various local charities including Habitat for Humanity, the Boys and Girls Club, United Way and Junior Achievement. We've also developed relationships with educational organizations in order to provide monetary and leadership support to elementary through high school aged children. For example, our HR unit developed a Workforce 101 seminar to prepare high school students for the work world. Under our Community Connection program, West Coast Bank provides grants, donations, and event sponsorship to qualified organizations.

  • We host annual and semi-annual employee events, including a company picnic, regional recognition celebrations, and off-site manager retreats. (There is no law that says the words "fun" and "banking" are mutually exclusive.)

  • 97% of our employees surveyed in 2006 reported that they love their jobs. (The other 3% have been fed to bears. Just kidding.)

  • We have 59 retail banking locations, 2 large service centers, and over 800 employees. (Small bank feel. Big bank resources.)
Our History

In today's cold, impersonal financial marketplace, West Coast Bank's proud 80-year heritage sets us apart. Customers have put their trust in us since 1925, when our first location, under the Bank of Newport name, opened on the historic Newport, Oregon bay front.

One of our first advertisements, in a 1926 edition of the Yaquina Bay News read: "Our aim is to make a safe place for deposits, to be a real service to the community, to make good returns for our stockholders."

We've made good on that promise and continue to serve clients who seek the resources, sophisticated products and expertise of large financial institutions, coupled with the local decision making, market knowledge, and customer service orientation of a community bank.

In 1981, a holding company - West Coast Bancorp - was formed to give the bank greater flexibility in responding to changes in banking practices and to engage in bank-related, but non-commercial, bank activities. During the years that followed, customers came to rely on us for helping their businesses grow and prosper, and for our personalized financial services. In 1995, The Bank of Newport expanded its reach through a merger of equals with Commercial Bank - an organization equally devoted to customers, communities and service. New additions over the years included Valley Commercial Bank, Centennial Bank (Olympia, Washington) and Bank of Vancouver.

In 1999, the West Coast Bancorp successful family of affiliate banks came together under a common name - West Coast Bank - which has grown to $2.1 billion in assets and 59 branches(based upon data as of March 31, 2006).

Our customers' business. Our neighbors' friendship. We value both highly. We always have. We always will.