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Rascal Flatts - "Still Feels Good" [CD review]

Oct 3, 2007


Rascal Flatts
Still Feels Good [Lyric Street] September, 2007
Produced by Dann Huff
Review by Cheryl Breo

Rascal Flatts fifth album "Still Feels Good" is a perfect follow up to "Me And My Gang", with a perfect title, an affirmation that "The Gang" is still quite happy making their kind of country music and that it "Still Feels Good". Rooney, DeMarcus and LeVox are like everybody's "boy's next door neighbors ... just average Joes", charming and seemingly unaffected by all their success and mounting number of awards. This low key, humble approach to their career is one big reason Rascal Flatts is the reigning 2006 CMA, ACM and CMT Vocal Group of the Year.

"Take Me There" the album's first single release was written by Kenny Chesney, Neil Thrasher and Wendel Mobly. It has a great instrumental section, filled with awesome guitars riffs. It is the story of the deep love a man has for the woman in his life, so deep that he wants" everything about you and I want to go down every road you've been, where your hopes and dreams and wishes live ... I want to know the girl behind that pretty stare". It showcases the harmonies that we have become so accustomed to brilliantly.

"Here", written by Jeffrey Steele and Steve Robson is a wonderful love song about when a guy finally opens his eyes to what is standing right in front of him ... "so caught up in holding what I never thought I'd find", but he thanks God for all the hardships, tears, heartaches and stumbles that it took to get him right "Here" in her arms ... "I wouldn't change a thing ...”

"Bob That Head", by Michael Dulaney and Neil Thrasher and "Secret Smile", written by Don Mescal and Steve Robson, are both rockin, honky tonk songs, with some awesome strong pounding drums, smashing guitar playing ... and some fun lyrics on top of all that! These are going to be dance floor favorites.

"Help Me Remember", penned by Hillary Lindsey and Wendel Mobley and "Still Feels Good", written by Gary LeVox, Neil Thrasher and Wendel Mobley approach the subject of love from opposite sides of the fence. "Help Me Remember" is an aching power ballad about a couple facing their broken relationship ... and wanting to gather only the "good times", remember the way it used to be. "Still Feels Good", the title song is a swinging song about how love "still feels good" after all their years together ... just as exciting now as the day they fell in love. Two songs of love ... but very different, indeed.

"Winner At A Losing Game" written by the Flatts and "Better Now", written by Busbee, Gregory Becker and Darrel Brown both have brilliant harmonies, lyrics that express so beautifully that feeling we all have experienced at least once ... loving someone who just doesn't love you the same way ... "if love is really forever ... I'm a winner at a losing game".

"Everyday", penned by Alissa Moreno and Jeffrey Steele is precisely what we listen for in a Rascal Flatts album ... blended, powerful voices, meaningful, honest lyrics about the power of love and faith ... with words like, "everyday you save my life".

"She Goes All The Way", by Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, Joe Don Rooney and Monty Powell is a surprisingly wonderful duet with Jamie Foxx. A ballad that blends Gary's and Jamie's voices magnificently. I was amazed at the softness of Foxx's harmonies in lyrics like ... "giving more then she takes ... cause it's more then love she makes ... she goes all the way". It's a powerful love song in every sense.

"It's Not Suppose To Go Like That", is a real standout song for me. This was penned by Bobby Pinson and Jimmy Yearly and lyrically tells a powerful story of lives cut short by innocent, random acts of "not thinking of the consequences". It reminds us how precious life truly is, a socially conscious song ... one all parents, teens, children should listen to closely and take the meaningful lyrics to heart ... "life is a journey, constantly touring down an unknown path ... but it's not suppose to go like that ... I wonder if guardian angels cry when they see it all played out ... and as they stand with their hands tied ... oh, do they cry out loud" I, too, wonder if the angels cry as they watch our foolish stunts ... knowing there is nothing they can do to save us from ourselves.

In "Still Feels Good", Rascal Flatts proves that they are alive and well, and that this trio is definitely on the cutting edge of country music ... even paving the way for some new artists. Like the first four albums ... .number five is better than ever and a "must have" for every Rascal Flatts fan out there ... and for any fan of just great country music!

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