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Prince Albert
Septum Piercing
Nipple Piercing

Ampallang Piercing


The P.A
P.A. is an acronym for 'Prince Albert', "why name a piercing after the husband of queen Victoria?" I hear you ask.

It is often said the reason for this was that he was said to be the owner of this piercing! No he was not way ahead of his time; it was done for very different reasons (although the benefits were the same even then).

Victorian's were very prudish people; they even went swimming fully dressed, (well with a costume that was as good as). Times were very different, or rather, society was.

The latest fashion craze for men, at that time, was tight crotch hugging trousers. Well as you can imagine, this caused problems for all but the smallest men (and you'd have to be very small). Going out in public dressed thusly would have been a major faux pas, and would have probably resulting in your arrest (and Women fainting).

The answer to this problem, tie the offending 'member' to the leg! Trouble is, its not that easy to keep it in place, so this is where the P.A comes into play, as an anchorage point!

The P.A (or 'Dressing Ring' as it was then called) was fitted by a men's outfitter of choice (The Burtons of the day), you'd go in get measured for your trousers and get the P.A fitted while you were there. Now I'm sure that these Victorian dudes noticed some improvement, (of a sexual nature) but would never openly talk about it, because it was something of a taboo, after all 'sex' in those days was purely for procreation. (Orgasms are a thoroughly modern concept:)

This hypothesis is unverified and is though to have been popularised by Doug Malioy in the 1970s - So Prince Albert probably didn't have one!

In the last 30 years the P.A crossed over from its beginnings on the gay/BDSM scene, and is probably more popular than it ever was. The reason for this is, the sexual revolution that has been slowly changing everyone's perception of sex and sexuality over the years.

These days such a diverse range of people wear the P.A; the only thing in common is that they all have a Penis:) it is truly a great piercing! It matters not what side of the sexuality 'fence' you sit on, it works for all, and who ever (or whatever:) you sleep with will agree.

The Septum Piercing. . .
is still quite rare despite some 'high-profile' wearers! This piercing has (like most) tribal origins and some people believe this piercing to give the wearer, heightened states of perception.

The Septum piercing is a very 'in your face' piercing (pun intended) although you can wear a keeper in the septum piercing, most people choose to wear a circular barbell or a tusk in theirs, this can generate a lot of 'looks' from passers by, believe me, I know!

This piercing is still very popular with men of Papua New Guinea. The Septum is a very visual piercing, which would indicate the wearer was a fierce and brave warrior, or could endure the 'pain' that the piercing involves, this is still as valid today, as then.

The tribal wearers of this piercing will choose an item to wear, as befits their status within their tribal community, so high ranking members and leaders will wear precious metals or ivory in the septum.

Wearers tend to like the fact this piercing is highly visible, they also like the stares and comments from people like "Oh didn't that hurt!" although it does tend to get a bit tiresome after the umpteenth time!

People have said that they have experienced 'Cross sensory perception' after having this piercing, by which they mean that they can 'see' sounds or 'taste' colours. Most non-enlightened people will simply dismiss this as 'rubbish', whilst I have not experienced anything that extreme, I have noticed some heightened sensory perception.

My experience has proved to me that there are many ignorant people out there, who will simply disregard you for having this piercing - kinda' silly because I think anyone who has this piercing has had a look at themselves and decided this is what they want and are willing to face the 'pain' and the social derision to achieve it - a rare quality these days!

Even amongst the 'in-crowd' the Septum piercing is rare and that's what makes it such a prized piercing, very much like the Ampallang, this is a piercing for the 'Modern Primitive' and tells the world just that! Unlike the Ampallang this piercing is purely decorative, so it has more appeal for the 'visual' person.

So why get the piercing? For me it was a drive to do it, no rationalization, I just wanted it and many people I speak to feel the same, just a burning desire to have the Septum pierced and disregard for any pain or discomfort that it may involve.

Ahh the nipple piercing. . .
Seems everyone and their mate is having one these days. Equally popular with both sexes, although most guys end up with only one done, ('get em' both done and get the discount', I say:) 'But where did it start?' I hear you say, 'read on' I say . . .

As far as I can ascertain, this piercing was made popular in Roman times. Very much like the PA, the nipples were pierced for practical reasons, i.e. to hold a Centurions cape in place, but it also showed that the wearer was a brave and fearless warrior.

Many piercings (if not all) have this sort of tribal history; today we mix it all up and enjoy all the different influences.

Moving on to Victorian times we find the Nipple piercing was favoured by, "well-to-do Women" (ones that had money and or power). It was the fashion in a relatively small part of the upper echelons of society, and didn't really gain any sort of mass-appeal until much later.

Modern communications means that ideas propagate much faster than say one hundred years ago, and consequently ideas gain mass appeal in very short time.

During the 60/70's the S&M and gay contingent latched on to these piercings (and the PA as well as a few others) and consequently became very popular in these circles, and of course it doesn't take that long for new ideas to percolate to the rest of society.

Today the nipple piercing has gained a sort of 'respectability' with the general public, and is seen more and more as a sort of 'fashion accessory' to many people (much to my chagrin :). As fashions change, I think this piercing will stay popular with the 'hardcore' because it's such an intense and visually impressive piercing.

One question I hear a lot is 'which side is the straight (hetro) side for this piercing?' I say have em' both done and to hell with all this 'sides' crap, and only you can define your sexuality!

The Ampallang
has always been a favourite piercing of mine, when I first saw one in the modern primitives book I knew that it was definitely one I had to have!

Ampallang is performed by driving a needle horizontally through the Glans of the Penis, it is normally a trans-urethral piercing (it pierces the urethra) and a barbell is generally worn in it.

The Ampallang was (is) widely performed by the tribes in Borneo (both Malaysian and Indonesian sides) although there is evidence of this piercing being performed elsewhere, we will concentrate on Borneo.

The Ampallang was basically a 'coming of age' ritual, which was often performed by an old woman of the tribe, using a sharpened bone! Sometimes the recipient would be made to stand in the local stream for considerable time, to 'numb' the area to be pierced; they were then carried to the piercing area.

Once the piercing is performed a bone or similar was inserted, again as with most piercings the higher your social standing, the better the material used!

The women of Borneo would refuse intercourse with a man that had not received this piercing, which ensured the popularity of the Ampallang! Some women would even specify a minimum size of Ampallang. As the piercing is Boenga-terongnot visible in normal circumstances you would wear a tattoo on the shoulder as shown here, to indicate that you were the proud owner of the Ampallang.

Of course the Ampallang was also symbolic and projected the image of a brave and fearless hunter/warrior, or rather the tattoo that indicated your Ampallang status, did!

The Dayak people are thought to have derived this practise from nature, as it is known that the 'two-horned rhino' has a similar, naturally occurring bone through its penis, it's not too great a leap to assume that the tribal peoples believed the Ampallang to give strength and courage of the rhino.

Modern times
Today the Ampallang has gained a sort of 'cult' status amongst the pierced community; it takes real dedication to have this piercing, or extreme ignorance of what's involved:).

This Ampallang is more of a 'ritual' than a piercing; you don't just walk into any old piercing studio and say "you know I'll think I'll have an Ampallang today". There are a limited number of piercing studios in the U.K that will perform this piercing and then, normally by appointment only!

Most people that have this piercing are 'drawn' to the Ampallang, and it has real world advantages too; women tend to like the piercing quite a lot for some reason. . .

Ok so you want to know how it affects your sex life??? Well the Amp generally gives pleasure to your partner; so if you are looking to increase your pleasure, try the P.A! That said I think the P.A and Ampallang make a great team!