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Star Wars and Yahoo partner up
Posted: November 29, 2007 by Perdia Detami
I suppose it had to happen sometime.

Yahoo! and have partnered up to provide fans with a service called "Y2-D2" - a yahoo search engine and entertainment website geared purely toward Star Wars. You can watch spoof videos, get updates on what's new at, and hang out with other Star Wars fans at the new website, which is still in beta testing mode.

Here's hoping that sooner or later there'll be a way to share fan elements, hm? Wink

Anyway, if you're interested in the new service, head over to
Regarding the Storyline
Posted: November 20, 2007 by Perdia Detami
Happy Thanksgiving to all our community members and guests in the United States!

We just wanted to give you a quick update on the storyline as you all prepare to enter your turkey comas. Chapter five is a difficult one and marks a major change in the future of the characters (*evilgrin*) and because of that it's been a major challenge to write. We've had contributions for the chapter coming from all levels of the cast and crew and we're still trying to put together the absolute final product. It will be here within the next month if all goes well, but the cast and crew have hit a crunch time with work, school, and other aspects of real life.

Thanks for your patience, everyone! Please have a safe and filling holiday, if you can't have a happy one.
Episode II: Chapter IV Released
Posted: September 30, 2007 by Perdia Detami

Chapter 4:
As the FELIX makes its way to the distant Antares shipyards, the Emperor's servants begin a desperate hunt that could change the fate of the galaxy forever. With the Sith closing in, Zannah Lyles is forced to make a decision that could be the end of her Order . . . and the beginning of another.

Hopefully you'll all think this one was worth the wait . . . we sure do! =P MAJOR thanks are owed to Lanna for her continued contributions to the storyline, in addition to apologies on my part for not getting this thing out sooner. Chapter 5 will be out just as soon as can be, so hopefully that'll help.

Happy reading!
Win a Prize!
Posted: September 30, 2007 by Perdia Detami
For the past few years we've held a fanart challenge around Halloween. This year, we'd like to do something a little different - and if all goes well, we will open a similar venue for EU Art.

This year's challenge is to draw a snapshot of a scene from the storyline. It may come from either Episode I or Episode II. Your scene should include at least one member of the cast, but you may include your own EU characters as background characters where appropriate (consider it your cameo!). Entries should be linked to in this thread, and a mention should be made of which chapter of which episode you've taken the scene from.

For an example scene, you could draw Zannah Lyles' introduction scene - which takes place at a busy spaceport. Zannah and any characters who interact with her in the storyline should be as described, but it would be perfectly appropriate for your own scum and villainy Star Wars EU characters to appear in the background. If your character is from the other side of the Rift, however, they shouldn't be there.

See how this works? Smile

Now to the rules:
1) The scene must come from either Episode I or Episode II.
1a) You must tell us which chapter and which episode the scene is taken from when you post.
2) You must include at least one cast character in your scene.
3) You may use your own EU characters or approved Personnel Files EU characters in the background of the piece, but only if they fit in the scene as extras.
4) The piece may not be vulgar or adult in nature.
5) Don't steal other peoples' art. Reference poses are fine, but don't be a plagiaristic asshat. If you are, we will track you down and lock you in a cage of pah-flinging Ferengi monkeys. Or else ban you. Whichever.
6) Your piece should follow the rules for artwork that are posted in the art center.

After you submit your scene and the contest is closed, non-participating members of the TFC Cast & Crew will judge the pieces. Our first place winner will receive a prize package including One Custom Avatar and One Custom Signature Banner courtesy of Avran. Our second and third place winners will both receive One Custom Avatar OR Custom Signature Banner, also courtesy of Avran.

Take your time creating these entries. Entries of appropriate image size and quality will be made into downloadable TFC wallpapers in a multimedia section, with credit given to you. If you want to participate in the contest, we would appreciate some sort of confirmation message from you in this thread so we know who to track down with a baseball bat if the entries are not received by the closing date of the contest. Images found to be of superior quality MAY BE USED as illustrations for the storyline itself, and inserted into the storyline chapters.

If people actually participate in this thing, I *may* even try to find a way for a cameo or two to make its way into the storyline.

If this challenge is successful, we will be run similar art challenges more frequently in the future. There will be prizes.

This Contest Will Close on October 31, with judging taking place the first week of November. If you cannot make this deadline or would like more time than this, please post in this thread. We will discuss it.
Biography announcements
Posted: August 20, 2007 by Perdia Detami
Lieutenant Commander Bodan Lidarii, Lieutenant Norris Ven, Dak Dezkar, Commodore Ulram Prwot, Bosun Petre Kavee, Captain Hoyer, Karysma Deecix, and Captain T'Lai of Vulcan have all graduated from the Bio Academy. Their biographies have been added to the Personnel Files archive and linked within the Galactopedia. Congratulations to Blackwolf, Norris Ven, Sith Lord 7, Llamaphone, Chaser617, TUFFGUY, and Lanna!

Additionally, because things have been very crazy in the Bio Academy this year, I am opening the floor to mass chaos. If you have a biography that has been in the Bio Academy for more than two weeks and has yet to receive administrative review (or administrative re-review after being edited), now is your time. If you post ONCE, politely, in the thread of the characters you've created and we've missed, I will be making time in the next couple of weeks to go through any and all biographies that have a reminder post. Get posting and let your friends know; this is a one-time offer. Smile
TFC Fanfic Challenge '07
Posted: August 19, 2007 by Perdia Detami
The users have spoken! TFC will be playing host to a few challenges and some public RPs in the near future, with any luck.

Our first event is the TFC Fanfic Challenge. Writers have a choice between "AU" and "A Day in the Life" for scenarios. If you want to and have the time, you may submit entries for both AU and A Day in the Life.

Here are the overall rules:
* Fanfiction written by you must be original. You may collaborate with others, if you like to, but no plagiarism allowed.
* All entries must involve at least two principal characters from the TFC Storyline in some fashion.
* All entries should be checked for spelling and grammar before being submitted. We don't demand perfection, but we do require readability.
* All entries must adhere to TFC's policies regarding acceptable material. You can read the policies regarding fanfiction in the fanfiction vault.
* Entries shouldn't be very long. If you do end up writing a longer piece, you're welcome to just submit a part of it for this and to continue the story once the challenge ends.

AU is short for alternate universe. Write a short piece dealing with TFC if Perdia were a Sith, Lanna a starship captain, Marc a security officer - whatever you like. Change some of the major details and have fun. Please note: the AU challenge is not meant to be TFC's "Mirror, Mirror." This is not meant to take place in the mirror universe of Star Trek.

"A Day in the Life"
What happens when TFC characters have a day off from the usual mayhem? Write a short piece dealing with a day in the life of one of the characters from the cast. Just a normal day in the life of the character.

Entries should be submitted to the Fanfiction Vault and a link to the entries should be provided in this thread, once they are posted.

Entries that are found to adhere to the rules will be put in the Galactopedia. You may use EU characters as well as cast characters, but the cast characters are a requirement.

Entries should be submitted no later than midnight central time on September 20th, 2007. That means you have a month.

Have fun, and let me know if you have any questions.
New Star Trek cast member announced
Posted: August 07, 2007 by Perdia Detami
Well, you may have already heard - but fans of NBC's "Heroes" will have a familiar face to look forward to in the upcoming Star Trek motion picture.

Zachary Quinto, known to Heroes' fans as the brain-busting villain Sylar, will feature in the upcoming Star Trek motion picture as a young Mr. Spock. Quinto is a native of Pennsylvania. He has had an assortment of other roles, mostly one-shot guest starring bits in various episodic television series. "Sylar" is his biggest role to date.

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