Halo 2: Bios Blowout

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September 14th, 2004

Having destroyed the vast and mysterious artifact known as Halo, Master Chief, a genetically altered, cybernetically enhanced Spartan supersoldier, must race back to Earth to halt the Covenant’s advance.

Master Chief faces the Covenant onslaught equipped with his Mark VI MJOLNIR battle armor, the help of his artificial intelligence (AI) companion Cortana, and support from the last surviving human combat troops, ODSTs (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) or “Hell Jumpers” and the “First to Fight” Marines.

Master Chief

Known only by his rank, this genetically-altered super soldier was born for battle, bred for war, and is humanity's last hope for survival in the face of the deadly Covenant onslaught.

A product of the secret SPARTAN-II project, the Master Chief is the ultimate soldier, trained from an early age in weapons, tactics and command. He is augmented with a neural interface that connects him to his MJOLNIR MARK VI battle armor – giving him superhuman strength, stamina and the ability to interface directly with AI (artificial intelligence).

A master of all weapons, human and Covenant, and adept pilot of all vehicles, from Warthogs to Banshees. Master Chief single-handedly fought off the Covenant and destroyed the alien ring construct Halo, he now must race to his greatest battle—to save Earth.



The brains to complement Master Chief's brawn, Cortana was downloaded into Master Chief's MJOLNIR battle armor during the space battle leading up to the events on the Halo ringworld. Designed in conjunction with the SPARTAN-II project and adept in tactical matters, decoding enemy transmissions, operation of machinery and computer equipment among other useful skills. Underneath a sardonic sense of humor, Cortana is fiercely protective of Master Chief and has proved to be an invaluable resource in his battles against the Covenant.


Sgt. Johnson

Sgt. A.J. Johnson combines the best qualities in a leader of combat troops: courage, resourcefulness, concern for his men … and a colorful gift for cursing in a dozen different languages. He leads from the front and has earned the unquestioned loyalty of his troops.

Sgt. Johnson has served in the Corps for most of his adult life and has seen action on dozens of worlds. He first fought the Covenant with the Master Chief before the fall of Reach and was instrumental in rallying the troops on Halo. During the battle on the alien ringworld, he accompanied Commander Keyes on his ill-fated mission to capture a Covenant arms cache, where the team was attacked by the Flood. Johnson managed to escape and has since rejoined the forces of Earth.



The toughest of the tough, the "Orbital Drop Shock Troopers" (ODST), also known as "Hell-Jumpers" are an all-volunteer outfit called upon for difficult incursions into hard to reach locations. They have a reputation for being a little unhinged, but then again, one would have to be somewhat crazy to strap into a HEV (human entry vehicle) and be shot into space from an orbiting starship, burning through the atmosphere to a hostile environment below.


UNSC Marines

Marines are the backbone of the UNSC's ground forces. Dropping into hostile territory, securing beachheads and taking the fight to the enemy, the Marines live up to their credo: "First to Fight." Unfortunately due to the tenacity and power of the Covenant forces, this also means "First to Die."

UNSC Marines are equipped for battle with helmet mounted tactical displays, lightweight armor and a cache of gear and supplies. Marines are expert with a number of different weapons and are skilled operators of the UNSC land based vehicles. The squads of Marines who fought alongside Master Chief during the battle on the Halo ring construct were instrumental in achieving victory and the troops tasked with defending the cities of Earth will have a chance to prove themselves once again.

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