28-6-2005 miss K. from S., owner of the horse Santana, asked us to give her horse a medical check-up because she was shaking her head excessively, also tilting her head and lowering her head so much that her nose was practically rubbing the ground. In short: she did not know where to put her head. Miss K. already had her horse checked out in several clinics specialized in horse’s but no vet could find the cause of this behavior.

After medical examination it became clear the horse could practically not bend her neck to the left. Further examination taught us she had a very painful spot and nerve damage at the exact place where the chip had been injected.
The owner told us that the problems had indeed started after that the horse had been chipped. During the chip-procedure the horse had reared with the chipping needle still in her neck.

All together we came to the conclusion that the chipping procedure resulted in nerve damage (again we state the spot where the chip has been injected is the exact spot where the defect shows).
The horse is now in treatment at our clinic and it seems like there is a bit of improvement in her situation.
This is not the first time we've seen a horse with problems as a result of chipping.
All vets in our clinic share the opinion that chipping horse’s is anything but safe. There is to little evidence that chipping horse’s is safe, short term or long term. We argue in favor of a thorough research to see what consequences exist before chipping is applied extensively.

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Yours sincerely,

Drs. E.G.A. Laarakker
Drs. C. Willekens
Drs. M. Kelfkens
Drs. F. Kokke