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2 Super Presents for Christmas or Birthday?

1: "QUILTS and COVERLETS -The Beamish Collections"
By Rosemary E. Allan.

Photograph: NEW BOOK: Quilts and Coverlets.

The book summarises the history of quilting in the North of England as well as portraying the lives of the quilters with their quilts. The social background, from the quilt wives of the Dales to the pitmen's wives of the colliery villages, is described and profusely illustrated.

The quilts and coverlets have been meticulously photographed, and provide inspiration for the quilters of today. The traditional patterns and templates are recorded together with details of fabrics and dyes. The book gives a wonderful account of an important folk art survival in Britain.

More about the NEW book on Quilting and Coverlets.

2: ": From Rags to Riches -The Beamish Collection"
By Rosemary E. Allan.

Photograph: NEW BOOK: From Rags to Riches.

Bodgy, Broddy, Clippy, Clooty?

Bodgy, broddy, clippy, clooty, hooky, proggy, proddy, peggy, stobby, tabby - all are the names for those wonderful creations, that in the North Country, are known as rag mats, though in other areas are recognised as rag rugs!

More about the NEW book on Rag Mats.

Both Books available from the Beamish Shop and also online at

What's on during the 2008 Season?

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Always a Warm Welcome from the Friends.

No matter where you live. We have members from all around Britain and in other parts of the world. You don't have to live locally to join The Friends.

An Independant Registered Charity.

The Friends of Beamish is an Independant Registered Charity protecting and re-creating the regions past for future generations to enjoy. We also assist the official staff of the Museum, where required, with voluntary workers from our membership.

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Friends of Beamish Membership Details.

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  • Family (2)- 2 Adults and 2 Junior/Student members: £62.00.
  • Students - under 21 years and in education: £22.00.
  • Junior Members- over 5 years and under 16 years: £18.00.
  • Members Broach- each: £1.50.

NOTE: fees are payable in pounds Sterling only.

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