Not sure who’s around on this holiday Friday, but it’s been quite a week. We brought you a fascinating Isiah Thomas video, the news Jon Saraceno was losing his columnist gig at USA Today and we dabbled in that TO-Romo-Jessica Simpson kerfuffle. And now, like every Friday, we have picks for you. (But first - get well soon, Stu Scott.) To recap: two weeks ago we went 6-for-6, then last week you challenged us to pick with spreads and we dipped to 3-for-7. This week - six mortal locks. We’ll pop in over the weekend, mostly to talk college hoops, but also to banter about the NFL, which should have its playoff situation sorted out. (Can anyone believe Apple had a blog shut down? Weak.) Happy holidays to all!

Dallas at Carolina: Jessica Simpson won’t be in Carolina … we kid. Romo and the Cowboys are our pick here, easily. Everyone who takes the Panthers win last week and tries to combine that with the Cowboys loss last week is reaching. Dallas easily: 31-10.

Philadelphia at New Orleans: Obviously by now you’ve read the nice exclusive on Andy Reid and his family. Solid work by Philly Mag. In the rematch of last year’s playoff game, we’ll take the Eagles on the road. But we must admit, nobody know what the hell the Saints are going to be doing from week to week. Never like to take a team that’s favored by three on the road … but we’re going with the Eagles here to cover. Think 24-20.

Oakland at Jacksonville: Actually like the Raiders in this spot. Everyone’s aflutter with the Jags being a contender, and they’re playing at home. Lock city, right? Be wary of the Raiders. Not to win, but to cover 10.5. Jags win, but it’s close - 28-21.

Houston at Indianapolis: Once again the Colts are banged up (the injury report is depressing). The line is shrinking (from nine to seven). The Texans have covered three out of the last four in this series, and you really never know what Sage is capable of in the clutch. Still, we like the Colts here, and easily, too. Indy 31, Houston 10.

Denver at San Diego: Chargers aren’t losing this game at home. And they’re covering, too. They’ve won four in a row including a 41-3 pasting of the Broncos in Denver. Don’t overthink this one. Chargers 30, Broncos 13.

Washington at Minnesota: Skins foiled us last week, which means we have to take them this week (which means they’ll let us down). We think the Vikings win here, and get into the playoffs. We will be sure to pen an apology post to them at some point after they reach the postseason. But. Don’t know about a cover here. Skins seemed to have turn things around behind the ageless Todd Collins (8-for-25 in a win last week!) and the defense is 9th in the league against the run. Hmmmm. Like the corners to take away whatever meek passing against Tarvaris Bollinger (ha!) attempt, and the D slows the running game. Low-scoring NEAR upset. Minnesota 14, Washington 13.