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The people all around you are stars, accomplishing great things and leading interesting lives.  They've just never had any screen time,
until now

Watch the "GeoFamilies" Trailer

The trailer, released June 6th, 2007, is posted on the GeoFamilies Page.

Geo Families Articles in 'Geo Times' and 'Explorer'

The May '07 issue of the AAPG 'Explorer' features a two page spread on Geo Families written by Barry Friedman.
See the 'Explorer' Article

The May '07 issue of the American Geological Institute's (AGI) 'Geo Times' features an article about the making of Geo Families written by me, and a review of the film written by 'Geo Times' managing editor Megan Sever.
See the 'Geo Times' Article

Geo Families Picked up by the AAPG!

After featuring a special short version of 'Geo Families' at their 2007 annual conference in Long Beach, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists added the film to their online bookstore.  Click here to go to the bookstore.

Letter From the President

Hi, I'm Dave Emme, President of Dre Films.  Dre Films is a new company that came about as an extension of the films I made for my own communities over the past three years.  read more

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Dre Films is on the cusp of the Digital Video revolution, telling compelling stories about local events and local people with a strict budget and a lot of elbow grease.  There are no actors or scripts, just professional video, audio and editing equipment, in the trenches, bringing you closer to the people and activities that you love.

'Geo Families' uses stories from seven families of geologists to paint a portrait of the industry.  From family camping trips to world travel and big time discoveries, 'Geo Families' highlights the experiences that define Geology and the Geologist.  Click for more information about 'Geo Families'. 

You can purchase copies of Geo Families through the RMAG website.

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Geo Families is also available through the AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) Web Site.