MFSK modulation
The MFSK pulse shape
Number of coefficiants (fourier components)
to parametrize the shape of the MFSK pulse
The actuall values of the coefficiants
obtained with a minimization procedure.
The analytical
pulse shape function
The MFSK Symbol
Audio sampling rate [Hz]
Transmission bandwidth [Hz]
Number of MFSK tones
The lower edge of the transmission bandwidht [Hz]
The separation between symbols [audio samples]
The length of the symbol pulse [audio samples]
The MFSK pulse (Time is in audio samples)
The MFSK transmission
A short MFSK transmission:
3 tones: 2, 25 and 10
Convert transmission to sampled audio
Write audio to a WAV file
The MFSK demodulation
White noise generator
Add white noise to the transmission
The demodulation of the first symbol
The highest amplitude tells which
symbol (tone) has been sent
The demodulation of the second symbol
The demodulation of the third symbol