Why I Love the A's

Officially I've been an A's fan since infancy, when my parents put me in A's baby clothes, although I only remember that from the pictures.

My first actual memories in life are from the fall of 1989. I was 5 years old but it was quite an eventful time. In September, I started kindergarten and a few weeks later my sister was born. In October, the A's made it to the World Series to face the Giants. During the series the Loma Prieta earthquake struck. Lost in all this chaos was the shellacking the A's handed to the Giants, winning all four games by at least 3 runs. Ever since I've been an A's fan, which is literally as long as I can remember.

Life can be hard on an A's fan sometimes. Sure, we have consistently great baseball from a team of likable guys that always play hard. The A's also have to work against baseball's unfair economic system and an ownership group with a propensity for stupid ideas. Additionally, for unclear reasons the local media tends to cover another team across the bay more closely despite their clear inferiority, pathetic commercialisim, and suspiciously enlarged crania. I don't mean for this to be a hate site though, this is about me and the A's.

The A's will alway be my favorite team though, barring a move to Anaheim, and this is my tribute. I've compiled a chronicle of my life as an A's fan since 2000. I've also, via some scripting and the excellence of baseball reference, compiled the cumulative statistics from all the A's games I've seen live. I've also outlined my shortcut to the stadium.