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Like many an aging child star, Michael Jackson has had to grow up gracefully in public in order to survive. Until now, he's understandably clung to the remnants of his original Peter Pan of Motown image while cautiously considering the role of the young prince. Off the Wall marks Jackson's first decisive step toward a mature show-business personality, and except for some so-so material, it's a complete success.

A slick, sophisticated R&B-pop; showcase with a definite disco slant, Off the Wall presents Michael Jackson as the Stevie Wonder of the Eighties. This resemblance is strongest on "I Can't Help It" (cowritten by Wonder), in which Jackson's vocal syncopation is reminiscent of the master's breathless, dreamy stutter.

Throughout, Jackson's feathery-timbred tenor is extraordinarily beautiful. It slides smoothly into a startling falsetto that's used very daringly. The singer's ultradramatic phrasing, which takes huge emotional risks and wins every time, wrings the last drop of pathos from Tom Bahler's tear-jerker, "She's Out of My Life." "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough" (written and coproduced by Jackson) is one of a handful of recent disco releases that works both as a dance track and as an aural extravaganza comparable to Earth, Wind and Fire's "Boogie Wonderland." The rest of the dance music touches several grooves, from jazzy South American to mainstream pop funk.

A triumph for producer Quincy Jones as well as for Michael Jackson, Off the Wall represents discofied post-Motown glamour at its classiest. (RS 303)


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Mati writes:

5of 5 Stars

The beggining of one of the greatest artists of all time;MJ can only be compared with Elvis."Off the wall" is the authentic first album of his carrer in wich he's really able of writing some of the songs and be really taking decisions about the concept and the artistic level of the material."Off the wall" is a superdance funk machine full of energy and attitude.Taking the legacy of the biggest Motown performers (such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, James Brown,etc.) , Michael creates a timeless record, a real classic not just for the dance but also for those who enjoy the deepness of the real great ballads (see if you can avoid to feel touched by "she's out of my life") All this of course supervised by the strictly and always clear ear of Quincy Jones and his talented vision of the whole concecpt of the album."Don't stop 'till you get enough"(very funky) "Rock with you"(funk soul heavenly beat) "Off the wall"(funky and disco with an incredible chorus) "Get on the floor"(funk with a great bass line performance) "I can't help it"(incredible R&b song, awesome Michael's vocal performance; maybe the best song of the album) "She's out of my life" are masterpieces that will still be for years to come a great influence for every artist (no matter what the colour of his skin) who gets a mic and tries to take his voice to heaven.

Sep 27, 2007 09:39:14

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