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They were five talented young boys with five very different personalities. But when Chris, JC, Justin, Joey and Lance teamed up to form *NSYNC, they became one of the hottest music acts in the world-and formed a family in the process.

Driven: *NSYNC goes all the way back to the days when Chris, JC, Justin, Joey and Lance nurtured dreams of stardom as early as grade school, eventually coming together from their disparate backgrounds to form one of the hottest boy bands ever. This episode of the VH1 series details the boys' earliest gigs, including JC and Justin's run on The Mickey Mouse Club, Joey's musical family and high-school productions, college student Chris' first shot in a failed band put together by *NSYNC manager Lou Pearlman, and Lance's addition to the group at the last minute.

The show features rare and never-before-seen video, footage and photos-including exclusive home movies of JC, Joey, Lance and Chris, as well as footage of Justin winning a beauty pageant, numerous sing-and-dancing performances and rehearsals, their big industry showcase at Pleasure Island in Orlando, their first European tour, and their first U.S. performance (in a Wal-Mart parking lot!) -- plus new interviews with the boys' parents, families, school friends and classmates, vocal and dance coaches, management, producers, and talent scouts, among others.

Highlights of Driven: *NSYNC include:

  • Chris' mother Beverly Eustice: "He got free lunches at school, but the school system forced the children to identify themselves in front of their peers, to go up and say 'free lunch.' He could not do that ... I said, 'Okay, I don't want to be on welfare anymore.' "

  • Jason Galasso, who left the band prior to its signing with Lou Pearlman: "I didn't like the direction they were going into, musically ... I decided not to do it. I never wanted to be a teen idol-never, never was a goal of mine."

  • *NSYNC vocal coach Robin Wiley: "JC was really, really talented, but he didn't know it. He just always thought he sucked."

  • *NSYNC manager Johnny Wright: "Most of the labels felt there was room for one boy band in the music business. *NSYNC didn't stand a chance."

  • BMG Germany president Jan Bolz: "I realized that one of the boys-his name was Lance-wasn't at the same level as all the others ... They guaranteed me that, in a short time period, he would be on the same level."

  • Joey's father Joseph Fatone Sr.: "When my son was ready to sign that contract, I used a line from 'Willy Wonka'-"Sign away, Charlie, we got nothing to lose"-and that's exactly what I said to my son: 'Joe, go for it.'"

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