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Info On SATA and The Linux Kernel

The Linux Kernel Mailing List
The Kernel Mailing List FAQ
Specific Kernel Mailing Lists
Kernel Mail for TODAY,  Yesterday,  or just Last 100
Kernel Traffic - Topics: Serial ATA
Other Linux Mailing Lists
Archive of Linux-IDE (IDE Mailing List)
Linuxmafia SATA Page - Excellent source!
Bitkeeper(-bk) Changelogs for LIBATA 2.4
Bitkeeper(-bk) Changelogs for LIBATA 2.6
Jeff Garziks Linux SATA/RAID FAQ

 Current HTML Version Status Report for SATA as of (March 22nd, 2005)

Current HTML Version SOFTWARE Status Report for SATA as of (March 05, 2005)

  Serial ATA (SATA) development resources ->Jeff Garziks developmental resources for SATA and Linux




Chipset Specific SATA and RAID Links



Linux RAID Howto:
Linux RAID HOWTO - for 'MD' Software Driver or this: Same but (1) SINGLE page HTML HOWTO (Good for Printing.)

SLACKWARE/Linux RAID Howto(s):
Slackware RAID HOWTO - for 'MD' Software Driver
Another good Slack setup.
And another.
And this - all for Slackware Software (MD) RAID.

Included this because of so many questions about Silicon Image and RAID - (***Includes good SATA-RAID-0 Setup for all):
Enabling SilImage 3114 SATA Chipset Support on Linux

SATA/RAID for TYAN Motherboards - ICH5r, Silicon Image, and RAID Drivers (For RedHat, but works for others...):
(SATA)Drivers for Tyan Motherboards

Promise 20376 SATA RAID controller in Linux (Follow links for help on setting up RAID, too!):
Promise 20376 SATA and RAID Info

Good newbie explanation of how SATA works with links to other sources:
Silicon Image 3112 Serial ATA Controller

If you have a VT6410, VT6420, VT6421, or VT8237 RAID controller then try this link - (Mostly READMEs for RedHat users):
Via Raid (SATA and IDE) Proprietary Drivers and PDFs

If you run a 2.6.X kernel and want Raid, go here for summaries or source. (Part of 2.6 kernel):
DMRaid (v. 1.0.0-rc2) Announcement, and  SOURCE and/or RPM

If you run a version 2.4 kernel and want Raid AND have an Intel Chipset (ie "Asus P4P800 Deluxe"00 - my motherboard ;), go here:
ISWRaid (Intel Software Raid) Announcement and Intel (ICH5, ICH5r, ICH6) Raid Driver for 2.4 Kernels

INTEL Web Site for info on ICHx Chipset:
ICH5 and ICH5R SATA support in Linux

Here is an excellent source for setting up RAID but it is generic as far as chipsets:
The Linux Documentation Project - RAID 0,1,4,5 Setups

Mostly info on Enterprise RAID solutions:
"Linux and HW raid - An Administrators Summary"

Mega Raid Announcement and FTP Site.

Main Serial ATA Site: SerialATA.ORG

Link I found on LinuxMafia .. Includes ISO with RAID support:
Bios raid support on Linux 2.6.x

->  Remember to always check LinuxMafias site for specific chipset/controller info!

-> Always looking to add more...Keep WATCHING.
-> (Email me if you have a good addition in mind.)

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