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The Cryosphere: Where the World is Frozen

Learn about snow, ice, and the cold regions of Earth

What is the Cryosphere?

All About the Cryosphere

All About the Cryosphere

Read an overview of the frozen regions of Earth
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All About Glaciers

All About Glaciers

All About Snow

Cold Links

All About Sea Ice

Arctic Climatology and Meteorology Primer

Arctic Climatology and Meteorology Primer

Studying the Cryosphere

Ice Trek: Antarctic Megadunes


Scientists explore the lifecycle of a drifting Antarctic iceberg.
scientist wearing protective headgear

Antarctic Megadunes

Scientists travel to the edge of Earth to understand fantastic formations.
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The Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment

In the 1970s, researchers camped on ice floes to study how sea ice moves and changes.

Snow, Ice, and Climate Change

the State of the Cryosphere

The State of the Cryosphere

Learn about snow and ice as indicators of climate change
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NSIDC Data on Google Earth

Use Google Earth software to zoom in on glaciers, sea ice, ice shelves, and more on an interactive "world."

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Cryosphere Glossary

Find terms and definitions relating to snow and ice.

Cold Links

Search for Earth system education materials.

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