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The Antarctic Glaciological Data Center (AGDC) at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) archives and distributes Antarctic glaciological and cryospheric system data collected by the U.S. Antarctic Program.


The goals of the AGDC are to:

Accessing the Data

You can access AGDC data online by navigating to Data Sets. Data sets are arranged by Principal Investigators. You can also access data that are combined into multiple data sets, or compiled products.

Submitting Data

The NSF OPP Guidelines and Award Conditions for Scientific Data state that PIs should submit data collected as a result of their OPP grant to a designated data center as soon as possible, but no later than two years after the data are collected. Click on Contribute for instructions. Visit NSF FastLane to obtain information on current NSF awards for Antarctic glaciology.

Note: PIs are required to submit a data description (metadata) when their grants end even if they are not submitting data to the archive. See the U.S. Antarctic Data Coordination Center for details.


The AGDC at NSIDC would like to thank its funding agency the National Science Foundation's Office of Polar Programs.

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U.S. Antarctic Data Coordination Center

The USADCC supports NSF investigators in the submission of their data for archival within the Antarctic Master Directory.

Antarctic Master Directory

The AMD is a subset of metadata from the Global Change Master Directory pertaining to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

NSF FastLane

FastLane is an interactive site maintained by the National Science Foundation to conduct business pertaining to NSF awards.