Notable Alumnae

Hillary A. Andrews (Gamma Iota, University of Florida) — Hillary Andrews is an on-camera meteorologist (ocm) for the weather channel (twc). She can be seen on "Weekend Planner, "Weekend Now," and "Day Planner" on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Pam Conn Beall (Chi, Oregon State) — Co-creator of the series of popular children’s songbooks and accompanying audio tapes, video tapes, and coloring books under the label Wee Sing – titles include “Wee Sing America” and “Wee Sing Silly Songs”.

Linda Cavanaugh Clark (Psi, Oklahoma) — News anchor for KTVY in Oklahoma City and first local (Oklahoma City) journalist to receive the Weintal Award for best broadcast documentary of the year.

Eleanor Neil Coppola (Alpha Psi, UCLA) — Shot footage for the award-winning documentary Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse, which chronicles the making of the film Apocalypse Now. Has also published a journal kept during the filming entitled Notes.

Deidre Downs (Zeta Lambda, Virginia) — Deidre Downs was crowned 2005 Miss America on September 18, 2004. She earned the title through her hard work and dedication to raising awareness and research funds for childhood cancer. Upon completion of her term, she will continue her studies in pediatric medicine at the University of Alabama Medical School.

Carol Reihme Duvall (Beta Epsilon, Michigan State) — Host of "The Carol Duvall Show" on the Home and Garden Television network.

Jane Jayroe Gamble (Gamma Tau, Oklahoma City) — Miss America, 1967; civic leader in Oklahoma.

Georgie Anne Geyer (Gamma, Northwestern) — Journalist. Author of several books including a biography of Fidel Castro. Her column on international, domestic, and women’s affairs and U.S. foreign policy appears in approximately 120 newspapers in the United States and Latin America.

Jenilee Harrison (Epsilon, Southern California) — Appeared as Jamie Ewing Barnes on the television series “Dallas,” was a regular on “Three’s Company,” has made appearances in numerous television shows and mini-series.

Laura Innes (Gamma, Northwestern) — Appears as Dr. Carrie Weaver on the television series “ER.” She has been nominated twice for an Emmy award for her performance on the program.

June Baumer Kummer (Alpha Zeta, Washington University) — Officer, member of the board of directors and landscape architect for HBE Corporation, which owns and operates the Adam’s Mark hotel chain. Also district and national officer of federal and state garden clubs.

Tami Lane (Zeta Eta, Bradley University) — Tami Lane won an Academy Award for her work as the lead prosthetic makeup artist on the film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. She was responsible for leading a team of 42 makeup and prosthetic experts who often worked on more than 170 creatures each day. Only two, Lane and Howard Berger, were specifically named for this film. Lane has worked on major films including The Green Mile, Vampire, The Lord of the Rings, and the upcoming Superman Returns. In 2002, Lane was a member of the makeup team who earned an Oscar nomination for work in New Zealand on The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Meredith Monroe (Upsilon, Millikin) — Appeared as Andie McPhee on the television series “Dawson’s Creek”.

Agnes Eckhard Nixon (Gamma, Northwestern) — Creator of daytime television dramas such as “All My Children,” “One Life to Live,” “Loving,” and “As the World Turns.” Former chief writer for various daytime dramas and inductee into the Broadcast Hall of Fame.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice (Gamma Delta, Denver) — Current U.S. Secretary of State. Former National Security Advisor under President George W. Bush and former Provost of Stanford University.

Alma Gates Scroggins (Alpha Upsilon, Alabama) — Executive vice president and chief financial officer of CNN

Gail Henion Sheehy (Alpha Iota, Vermont ) — Author of the best-selling books Passages, Pathfinders, Spirit of Survival, and Menopause: The Silent Passage. Contributor to Vanity Fair magazine.

Trista Rehn Sutter (Alpha Mu, Indiana) — ABC’s original Bachelorette. Trista graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Exercise Science. In 1995 she was accepted at the University of Miami where she pursued her Master’s and graduated with honors. Her passion for dancing led her to successfully audition for the NBA’s Miami Heat dancers. After her appearance on the Bachelorette, Trista went on to compete in Dancing with the Stars, also on ABC.

Victoria Toensing (Alpha Mu, Indiana) — Attorney in private practice and former deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department. Successfully pursued and sought the arrest of Iraq’s former leading bomb courier and terrorist.

Sherron Watkins (Alpha Phi, Texas) — Sherron Watkins is the former Vice President of Enron Corporation who alerted then-CEO Ken Lay to accounting irregularities within the company. TIME magazine named Sherron, along with two others, as their 2002 Persons of the Year for being "people who did right just by doing their jobs rightly." Now an independent speaker and consultant, she co-authored "Power Failure: the Inside Story of the Collapse of Entron" (Doubleday, 2003) She is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Masters in Professional Accounting as well as a B.B.A. in accounting and business honors from University of Texas at Austin.

Dawn Wells (Rho, Washington) — Appeared as Mary Ann on the television show “Gilligan’s Island.” Co-host and co-producer of the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon, owner of Wishing Wells Collections, offering easy-closure clothing for the disabled.

“Notable Alumnae” are those whose recognition goes beyond their community. Their career or personal achievements have put them in the spotlight. Do you know an Alpha Chi Omega you believe should appear on this list?