About Jim

Jim Coburn’s path to the corner office started decades ago at a farm in  Chester, NH. The lessons from his childhood, his experience in the military, his success as a businessman, and his dedication as a husband, have created the foundation for what will guide him as Governor.

At six years old, after losing his mother to cancer, Jim Coburn arrived on his Grandmother’s farm in Chester, NH.  The spirit of hard work and determination Jim learned on that farm lives on in him today.  After graduating from Pinkerton Academy, Jim joined the Air Force and was stationed in Germany.  It was in Germany where Jim met his wife Christa. They would go on to have two boys, David and Steven.  

Jim went on to a career with Digital Equipment Corporation.  Digital recognized Jim’s inherent leadership and communications skills, promoting him to lead positions in service and support, operations and program management.  After 21 years with Digital, Jim and a co-worker started Valco Data Systems, a company specializing in computer systems for electronic medical records.  Valco Data Systems became very successful, making the Inc. 500 list of the nation’s fastest growing corporations. 

Unfortunately Jim’s business success was tempered by Christa’s battle with multiple sclerosis, a battle which gave Jim a second full time job.  He made Christa three promises when she became ill.  First that she would never go to a nursing home, second that she would never be bedridden, and third that he would not run for public office as long as she needed him.   When Christa passed away two years ago, Jim had kept all three promises. Having faithfully taken care of Christa, Jim decided it was the time to start his service to New Hampshire, the state he had grown to love since arriving on his Grandmother’s farm all those years ago.

Jim successfully ran for state representative in his home district of Windham/Salem.  Well before joining the New Hampshire legislature, Jim explored what it would take to put on a successful gubernatorial campaign.  He has been traveling around the state discussing the issues, and getting to know what is on the minds of citizens in New Hampshire.

 Jim’s time in the legislature has taught him a great deal about how state government operates.  In his time around the state he has learned that many of the issues on people’s minds are the same issues Jim has been thinking about for years.  Issues such as high energy costs, rising cost of healthcare, loss of business, and the quality of education.  Jim knows these issues need more than rhetoric, they need real solutions.  As Governor, Jim wants to provide those solutions, putting New Hampshire on the right path for the decades to come.   


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