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I stumbled across this analysis and found it interesting but it failed to cover some of the more critical aspect which are not adquately covered in the public discourse and so as to leave the picture rather rosy but incomplete.


Not a mention in the Democratic (or the recent Republican) debates in ABC's nationally televised events... Not one word concerning global warming. Rather ominous... When all things are considered, being that it is the most important question of this election.

Most recent news from the Top of the world IS not good.

People and pundits in the media remain unconvienced. According to Cal Thomas Op/ed on Friday August 17th He firmily believes "These Climate Fanatics won't let facts stand in their way".

Note: Now that the Arctic sea ice has opened up a new oil field maybe we will have another war to establish territorial rights... Cool we might yet figure a way to blow ourselves up after all fighting over the last great fossil fuel oil fields... Dumb and dumber:)
Posted by Lucky7Star on Monday, August 20, 2007 Read full article: 'And The Band Played On!'   

serious Ron Paul clearly targets key geographical areas in a Southern Strategy designed to wind his bid for the Presidency.

Note: Looks like a very interesting election is underway by an underdog maverick that very well could be or next president if the trends continue.
Posted by Admin on Monday, July 23, 2007 Read full article: 'Ron Paul's Run for President'   


This one is really a pitch from second base over home plate and wacked over the left field wall only to bounce back into the glove of the second base pitcher.... In other words all over the place. Looks and has the feel just like Andy. But then you be the judge.

Note: Its worth a look.

Ok this is weird but pretty cool as weird goes:) Here is the complete listing for the "Psychic Keywords from the Paranormal" Portal!:)


Celtic Woman Review 182 Reads Blogsphere News
Celtic Woman Links

Note: This submission was late but not because of the "Submit_News" feature but because of broken links... Be sure to check your links!
Posted by BabbsAngelRealm on Wednesday, May 09, 2007 Read full article: 'Celtic Woman Review'   

Congrats! I see some have finally got a blog on Keen (with all the money they've been raking in looks like they could provide a little advertising too. Just curious if it�s a real blog or a pretend, Keen�s idea for a sort of wan bee a blog. Anyway I put you a trackback on my feedburner, if any of you need a REAL BLOG with a top level domain set. Call me! Roomer is that Keen is "allowing" readers to use their own sites as well... Read more of the story.

Posted by Admin on Wednesday, May 09, 2007 Read full article: 'Keen's New Blog (About Time)'   

Came across one of Marie Callas' last performance... She was Opera's Brightest Stars.

Posted by Admin on Sunday, May 06, 2007 Read full article: 'One of Opera's Brightest Stars'   

Buzz on the Bees Hooray For Hollywood! by Psychic News Network's Lucky7Star When confronted with the choice as to whether would give up their cell phone if it would save the Bee population� It�s a no brainier, most I�m sure would in a heartbeat if it might help�

Posted by Admin on Monday, April 30, 2007 Read full article: 'Buzzzzzing on the Bees'   

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