Dundee Ranch Academy is located in what many have described as "the most beautiful country in the world" Costa Rica is just a short, direct 3-hour plane ride from many major US Cities. Dundee Ranch Academy has a "world class program in a world class environment" which combine to help instill a new sense of change and awakening in all who go there. Costa Ricans enjoy one of the highest standards of livings in the Americas, with free health care, public education and among the highest literacy rates in the world (92%). These humble, gracious people are, as a whole, highly educated, hard working, honest and caring. The setting is breathtaking, peaceful, safe, and a world away from the problems associated with the child's former environment.

Established in 1991 as Dundee Ranch Hotel Adventure Resort, the program is 50 miles away from the International Airport, very near the town of Orotina and the Pacificport of Caldera. Dundee Ranch Academy is nestled amid lush gardens of tropical fruit trees, plants and flowers. Here, student's lives are forever enriched and redirected, not only by the strength of the program design and leadership, but also by Costa Ricas unique culture and environment. Bi-lingual teachers help students learn Spanish, which further enhances the process of change while adding an important educational language component helpful in their future.

Large sections of Dundee Ranch are set aside as nature reserves, protecting the unique ecosystem and ensuring an educational experience in biodiversity and environmentalism that is second to none. Observing the abundance of wildlife - from the white faced or howler monkeys that forest in the treetops, to the scarlet macaws and green parrots that fly freely, one cannot help but gain a new perspective on nature and life. The drinking and washing water has been rated among the purest in the world, exceeding US standards for commercial bottled water.
Student housing is provided on campus in well-appointed rooms with air-conditioning, ceiling fans and individual hot showers. The beautiful in-ground swimming pool is just one of the many recreation activities the students can enjoy on campus. The highly trained staff at Dundee Ranch Academy provide around the clock supervision, with safety and security always the number one priority.

The benefits of a foreign site are numerous. Finding themselves in entirely new surroundings, teens tend to be much more teachable and open to new direction. Experience has shown that a foreign experience not only facilitates change and perspective, but also creates the kinds of memories that they are likely to appreciate the rest of their lives. Additionally, due to the greater value of the US dollar, Dundee Ranch Academy can provide these valuable services at a significant reduction in cost to families. .

The Program consists of several key components: effective behavior modification, a series of highly motivational "emotional growth seminars" called TASKS, progressive academic curriculum, a structured daily schedule that includes daily personal development courses.

Dundee Ranch has an extremely progressive academic program. The curriculum is individualized and competency based, allowing students to work at their own pace and maximize the learning process. Students are not held back by other teens in the class, lesson plans, teachers' schedules, course offerings, or class availability. The students are tutored by a teacher and in some cases, it is possible to complete courses on an accelerated basis. Each student is assessed upon admission and then assisted in designing their specific course of study.







High standards exist. Inappropriate behavior is confronted, consequented and redirected. Appropriate behavior is reinforced and rewarded. A merit system is used requiring each teen to earn their status and privileges through a standard program using a level system.







On and off campus activities provide a proper balance of recreation, exercise, learning and social opportunities. Initially, all activities are on grounds. Over a period of time, teens may earn the privilege of participating in off campus activities; which could include sight-seeing, water sports, beach outings, and cultural events, etc. Costa Rica is well suited for activites.

(Teen Accountability, Self-Esteem and Keys to Success)


Students participate in a series of seminars designed specifically for Dundee Ranch. During the TASKS seminars teens work on specific issues such as: accountability, honesty, integrity, trust, choices, responsibility, anger and especially self-esteem. After the student has completed his or her series of seminars then the parents are invited to attend, in the United States, a Parent Seminar and two Parent/Child Seminars. Parent/Child seminars are designed to assist each family in rebuilding the family unit.






Daily Personal Development and Emotional Growth Courses are an important part of the overall program. These courses intermittently utilize effective resources such as: educational and inspiring audio & video tapes, selective reading material, special workshops, and group feedback sessions.


Dundee Ranch Academy


Teens develop and grow through the balanced schedule of behavior modification, academics, personal development courses, health, fitness, and recreation. This daily structure provides the catalyst for students to develop positive habits. Positive habits not only create success, but also allow teens to feel better about themselves. Once an appropriate self-esteem is established, the teens become INTERNALLY MOTIVATED: This means they will want to do the right thing for the right reasons; not because the parents or the Program instructors desire them to, but because they want to, having experienced the positive benefits for themselves. Once this is accomplished, the war is over. The family structure can be restored.

Working with parents is a key component to the success of the Program. Families have frequent phone contact with their child's case manager and when appropriate, the teen is included. Communication with the family is instrumental in addressing issues, creating a family purpose and vision, reaching understandings, and setting goals. Dundee Ranch's staff is committed to each teen and their family's success.

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