Awards > 3rd Annual Interactive Achievement Awards

The Academy’s 3th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards were presented at a ceremony held in Los Angeles at the Regal Biltmore Hotel on May 11, 2000, the first evening of the E3 Expo.

Martin Short (The Martin Short Show) hosted the awards.  The presenters were Martin Lewis (Politically Incorrect), Ahmet Zappa (webRIOT), Stevie Case (ION Storm), Brian Fargo (CEO, Interplay Entertainment Corp.), Alison Sweeny (Days of Our Lives), Harry Shearer (This is Spinal Tap), Peter Molyneux (Founder, Lionhead Studios), and Glenn Entis (DreamWorks Interactive).

The Sims, developed by Maxis and published by EA-Maxis, won three awards, including overall Game of the Year.  Age of Empires II: Age of Kings, developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft, won three awards, including PC Game of the Year.  Soul Caliber, developed and published by Namco, won two awards, including Console Game of the Year.

The Academy presented Interactive Achievement Awards in 29 craft, console, computer and online categories. The Academy also inducted Hironobu Sakaguchi, President of Square USA, Inc., into the Academy's Hall of Fame. In keeping with Academy tradition, Sid Meier, Chairman and Director of Creative Development at FIRAXIS Games and last year's Hall of Fame inductee, returned to make the presentation.

Finalists were nominated in the following categories:

Game of the Year

Computer Game of the Year

Console Game of the Year

Outstanding Achievement in Animation

Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction

Outstanding Achievement in Character or Story Development

Outstanding Achievement in Game Design

Outstanding Achievement in Game Play Engineering

Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design

Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering

Computer Action Game of the Year

Computer Adventure/Role Playing Game of the Year

Computer Children's Entertainment Title of the Year

Computer Creativity Title of the Year

Computer Educational Title of the Year

Computer Family Title of the Year

Computer Simulation Game of the Year

Game Title Developer Publisher
F/A-18 Simulator Jane's Combat Simulations Electronic Arts
Freespace 2 Volition Interplay Entertainment
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000: Professional Edition Microsoft Microsoft
Mig Alley Rowan Software Interplay Entertainment
Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance Totally Games LucasArts

Computer Sports Game of the Year

Computer Strategy Game of the Year

Console Action Game of the Year

Console Adventure/Role Playing Game of the Year

Console Children's/Family Title of the Year

Console Fighting Game of the Year

Console Racing Game of the Year

Console Sports Game of the Year

Online Game of the Year

Entertainment Site of the Year

News/Information Site of the Year

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