The Football Association Charity Shield.

The Charity Shield.

The FA Charity Shield was introduced in 1908 to succeed the Sheriff of London (Dewar) Shield (see below). At first it was played at the end of the season, later around October and since 1959 it has been the curtain raiser to the English season. Prior to 1974 it was usually played on the ground of one of the competing teams but since 1975 it has been played at Wembley. The match has usually been contested between the League Champions and the FA Cup Winners (or League runners-up when one team wins the double) but previously it has also been played between Select XIs, winners of the Football League and Southern League or League Champions against Division Two Champions. 

The FA Charity Shield was preceded by the Sheriff of London (Dewar) Charity Shield which was contested from 1898 to 1907 by the teams chosen to be the best professional team and best amateur team in the land. The George Dewar Shield lapsed in 1908 following a rift between the leading amateur clubs and the FA although it has been revived on a number of occasions since.

In 2002 The FA Charity shield was renamed The FA Community Shield.