The Rosetta Syllego™ system for genetic data management and analysis is ready for evaluation. Find out more.

The Rosetta Resolver system is now available in three different configurations—Standard, Extended, and Premium—to scale with the size and needs of your organization. Contact our Sales Team for details.


Rosetta Biosoftware develops informatics solutions that empower life saving discoveries and drug development.

The Rosetta Syllego™ Genetic Data Management and Analysis System is Rosetta's practical solution for scientists engaged in genetic studies. The system is a resource for managing genetic variation information and integrating relevant study data from various sources so that scientists and researchers can better plan and execute genetic studies.

The Rosetta Elucidator® Protein Expression Data Analysis System is a comprehensive solution for organizations involved in protein expression analysis. It meets the challenges of proteomics research by providing capabilities to support mass-spectrometry-based, gel-free protein biomarker discovery. The system includes raw data management, LC/MS data processing for quantitative and differential analysis, protein identification and high level analysis at the peptide and protein level.

The Rosetta Resolver® Gene Expression Analysis System is a comprehensive solution for organizations involved in gene expression analysis. It provides a high-powered, flexible and extensible gene expression data analysis and storage environment.

In addition, Rosetta Biosoftware Professional Services can offer customized assistance to meet your specific research needs and can work with currently installed applications and systems. Our goal is to help you take full advantage of your research investments by providing you with the tools that will maximize the value of your data.

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