This page now shows 1065 photos of orchid hybrids and species, including 865 photos of orchid stamps. It is thereby one of the larger photo collections on the internet, especially when it comes to orchid hybrids

Most photos were already available at our old website www.larsen-twins.dk but ORKIDEBILLEDER (=Orchid photos) will eventually get more functions that couldn't be installed at the old website.

The aim is to make a new website in Danish and English with thousands of orchid photos. The English version mainly contains photos of orchids and orchid stamps, while the Danish version also includes more general topics about growing orchids, distribution of dealers, etc.

The site is run by twin brothers, Arne and Bent Larsen, situated on Funen Island in Denmark. Bent is the grower and owner of the orchid collection - Arne takes care of photography, website and email communication.



Orkide billeder / Orchid Photos