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Gentoo-Wiki is run by Mike Valstar and is provided as an alternative documentation project to the Gentoo official documentation project. The documentation here is not to be interpreted as official in any way.


[edit] Hosting

Hosting is provided solely by Mike Valstar on two Gentoo servers Read More

The cost of hosting is offset by the Google ad displayed on the wiki and the donations from our single donation drive.

[edit] Software

[edit] Extensions

Currently Gentoo-Wiki uses the following extensions:

  • Editcount (SVN)- By Mike Valstar
  • Newuserlog (SVN) - By Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
  • SpamBlacklist (SVN)
  • Special:Interwiki - By Stephanie Amanda Stevens
  • ManPager - By User:Warflyr
  • ConfirmEdit (SVN) - By Brion Vibber

More information

[edit] Subversion Repository

Gentoo-Wiki has a Subversion repository to store its extensions and various other data related to the wiki. You may access it here:

To checkout a copy of the repository:

svn co

and to update (while inside the downloaded repository):

svn up
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