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Monday, Mar 22, 1999
Question submitted by Adam Sobotka. Website: None
Title: Simple add a monster
Category: Mapping
Hello, I need to add a monster to map with some script settings(as is in UnrealEd). Is it possible? I could not find about it in help.

EraserX Reponds:
Just add the baddy. Go to properties and you'll see a whole list of option you can adjust. All the options are explained in the ShogoObjects.doc file included in DEdit. You can make scripts with enemies, look to the AI-Scripting part in the ShogoObjects for more info.

Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Seiya. Website: None
Title: level light
Category: Mapping
i cant tget my levels to light up when i run them

SSpeare Reponds:
To light your levels you have to add an object light.

This creates a very small light and you should make the light much larger by changing the radius value on the properties tab in DEdit.

You should be able to see the circle that the light will illuminate in DEdit after you add it to your level.

Also, you must select all of your brushes and turn on Gourard shading or lightmapping.

Lastly, if you just want to see your brushes you can select them and turn them all to fullybright. But your models will not have any light applied to them.

There are several tutorials on the planetshogo editing page that should help you with this process.

-SSpeare update: Don't forget to check "apply lighting" and "shadows" in your world-processor. -EX


Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by GTACCRA. Website: None
Title: ModelingEdit
Category: Mapping
Where is the use of ModelEdit? I use the 3DS2ABC program, but it never converts my 3DS. Also, how do I edit it models? I want to change the animations for my MCAs and Sanjuro and the Bad guys and all the other crap, but how? You can't click anything on the model and rotate objects and if you could, does it have inverse kinematics? Well, let's get down the the point, HOW DO I EDIT THE KEYFRAMES!??!??!

SSpeare Reponds:
ModelEdit is not used to create any animations. It is only used to add model strings and view your animations and create the Level of Detail levels.

The 3ds2abc program seems to have problems with it. I have not been able to successfully convert a model either. I am not sure what version of .3ds file it needs.

However, I believe the 3ds plugin works better and you should be able to use that to convert your model. But I have not tried this yet.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Carl. Website: None
Title: dinput.dll
Category: Coding
Whenever i try to open shogo, it says that there is a fault in the page dinput.dll. How do i fix it?

SSpeare Reponds:
I've heard of this problem before, but not a specific fix.

It is most likely a driver problem. You should download the newest drivers for your computer. Be sure that you have the most recent DirectX 6 drivers installed. Also, be sure that you have downloaded and installed all of the Shogo patches. If you have any more problems, please post in the PlanetShogo forums with more detail as to your computer setup and problems.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Kelly Herrod. Website: None
Title: Video Problems
Category: Coding
I have a P II 400 MHz with a Voodoo 2 card. I ran the Shogo demo for a while and it looked fine. I have bought the game and when I start it up, the video is very washed out. It plays fine and the detail is there but it looks like the brightness on the screen or the gamma on the card is turned all the way up. I have tried all of the different settings on my Voodoo card but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?

SSpeare Reponds:
This is very odd. Somewhere you must have the Gamma turned WAY up. When I played on my Voodoo2 I always thought it was rather dark.

You should be able to adjust the gamma in your display options dialog box for the voodoo2. This is where I do it. Also, there are several utilities availabe on the web that can Tweak your settings.

If this doesn't work then you can try to shogo gamma setting. If you bring up the console with ~ then type

Gamma X

where X is the number you want to set it at. Try low numbers at first, like under 4.0. Also, before you change it you should just type


and it will report what the current value is.

Hope you can get it looking better!


Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by kris. Website: None
Title: multiplayer
Category: Coding
Where can I find a good place for playing "Shogo Mobile Armor Division" multiplayer?

Thanks, kris

SSpeare Reponds:
You should download GameSpy or Kali to play shogo multiplayer.

If you need more help, ask in the PlanetShogo forums and anyone there can help you out. As they use these programs regularly.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Edwin Gordon. Website: None
Title: Turning the player model left and right
Category: Coding
I hope someone may be able to help. I'm trying to make a modification to the player model which will enable the player to move 90 degrees at a time - i.e. when pressing the left key the model rotates 90degrees to the left - pressing up will then move the model in that direction. I can't seem to find any code in the source which relates to the rate of angle, maximum angle, pause between key presses or speed of the existing rotation - I can't even find the key binding for left and right.

Please help - this code is essential to a game mod I'm in the middle of (I bet you can guess it) and I have all the models etc.


SSpeare Reponds:
The player rotation and movement is covered in the CRiotClientShell project. The class that controls this is called CMoveMgr. The funtion you are looking for is CMoveMgr::UpdateMotion(). This function is the one which rotates the player and moves him.

It reads the mouse offsets with m_pClientDE->GetOffets() and then rotates the player. Then it moves the player in the direction he is facing in the X and Z coordinates.

Also, I believe that it checks to see if the left key is pressed by calling m_pClientDE->IsCommandOn() with some parameter and if it is then is rotates the player to the left by some small amount. This amount depends on the current FrameTime so that it is constant and not frame rate dependent.

If you don't know C++ coding very well, its not going to be all that easy to do this. Please post any question you have in the Modifications forum on PlanetShogo or to the shogo-mod mailing list for further help.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by rhoeck. Website: None
Title: cshell.dll
Category: Coding
I just installed shogo and when i try to launch it i get this error... "error copying cshell.dll"????????


SSpeare Reponds:
That error is really odd.

Did you try to un-rez the shogo.rez files? That is the only time that I have ever gotten that error. If you are running Shogo with some different options or it you un-rezzed shogo.rez into a directory that was not named shogo then you could see this.

What it is saying is that it can't find the CShell.dll file to use to run Shogo. This file is only visible if you have un-rezzed shogo.rez.

Also, if you did a full install and then deleted shogo.rez you might experience this. If everything else fails you can try to reinstall Shogo and that should fix any problems.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by DooBall. Website:
Title: Strong Winds
Category: Mapping
How can I make something similiar to MCA_SPIRES's wind jumpy thing.

When you walk over it, it blows you upwards.

I cannot find anything(controls) that can doo this.


SSpeare Reponds:
Hello DooBall.

That "wind jumpy thing" is a wind volume brush. As I understand it you should create a brush that is the size of the area that you want to be affected by the wind. Then put those little green arrows inside it and click Bind to Object... Then choose Volume Brush from the list and I believe that Wind is a choice.

Then you should select the brush and open up the properties and you can set the direction and strength (I think) of the wind.

If this is not quite right then ask in the Editing forum, I think someone there has tried this. Someone was making a car launcher that used wind I believe.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Mega Cyclone. Website:
Title: How do I make a box without some files???
Category: Mapping
How can i make a box without Cres.dll, Cshell.dll, Object.lto, Sres.dll or Skypan.dtx?????

Can you e-mail them to me or put them on your site???

SSpeare Reponds:
These files are included with Shogo. However, they are compressed inside the shogo.rez files. You should read the instructions that come with the shogo-tools (the readme.txt file). It tells how to un-rez these files.

You should try this out and if you can't get it to work try reading this page and try asking at the PlanetShogo forums.

Many people have done this so they should be able to help you out.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by gabriel. Website: None
Title: does it gonna come a bot mod to shogo
Category: Coding
does it gonna come a bot mod to shogo like the ones in quake and quake 2 ??

SSpeare Reponds:
There will be bots for Shogo eventually. There are several groups writing MODs that could benefit from this and most likely one of them will write one.

I am learning AI currently and when I have a good grasp of it I will attempt this also if nobody else has.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Ken Opdycke. Website: None
Title: SHOGO Server settings
Category: Coding
I'm trying to find a setting to play Shogo in co-op mode. Like I have for Quake and Hexan. Is there a command for the Server.cfg?

SSpeare Reponds:
There is no way to make Shogo play in co-op mode unfortunately. However, it would be possible to write a MOD to do this, but nobody has done this yet. And I don't know of anyone who is planning to.

If you can get a lot of people to ask for it, someone would probably be willing to write it. So if you go to the PlanetShogo forums maybe you can get a lot of people together who would like this feature.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by lee broadley. Website: None
Title: tractor beam on single player
Category: Coding
Is there anyway, and i mean anyway that i can possibly use the tractor beam on the single player game, this would be really handy to know, cheers!

SSpeare Reponds:
The tractor beam does not work in single player. Period.

The only way to do it would be to write a MOD that allowed you to do this. And nobody is going to take the time to write a MOD just to allow the Tractor Beam in Single player.

Besides, the game isn't designed to do that so it would be a major cheat and would make the game not any fun.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Michael Walczak. Website: None
Title: Regarding the shogo source code
Category: Coding
Quick the shogo source full open source or just partial open source (IE Quake 2) ?

SSpeare Reponds:
The Shogo source is partial open source much like Quake2.

However, unlike Quake2 the Shogo source uses the LithTech engine and is not wrapped up in the engine like Quake2 is. For this reason many MODs are possible with Shogo that are simply impossible with Quake2.

Quake2's engine makes many assumptions about what you are doing and how you are doing it. Shogo's LithTech engine is a very robust engine that makes hardly any assumptions. For this reason essentially more of the game is editable by users.

In fact it is possible and often preferable to simply start from scratch using the LithTech engine and all of your own custom code for a Shogo TC. You could then develop any type of game from a FPS to a RTS game like Starcraft if you wanted to.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Toshiro Yuki. Website: None
Title: I have a problem
Category: Coding
In one of my levels everytihng is blue or light blue color. I have checked my screen and display settings, and nothing is wrong. I just want to know if this has happened before and what should I do about it?

Should I send it back or is there something else wrong? Please reply with some help or suggestions for me.

Thanks for the help

SSpeare Reponds:
You probably have a TNT 3d card?

The problem is with your TNT card. Unfortunately for some reason the TNT doesn't work with the Fog in Shogo. I believe that some new drivers will fix this, but the best thing to do is simply disable fog. You can do this from the Options... button in the Shogo dialog box.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Joseph Kohan. Website: None
Title: A problem with level 15
Category: Coding
Hello there. The reason for my message is that I have a problem when I get to level 15. When I get there, my whole screen goes into a light blue color. It is at the seen where you meet Kura and she gives you a message about going back into the CMC center. However, there is a bit of water over there, and when I jump in, all of the colors come back. But when I come out of the water and back onto land, it goes back to a blue, gray, and white color. A friend told me it was a problem with a driver, and that I should get the newest and latest one. I have a Creative Labs Riva TNT video card.

If you could please help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You,
-Joseph Kohan

SSpeare Reponds:
The problem is with your TNT card. Unfortunately for some reason the TNT doesn't work with the Fog in Shogo. I believe that some new drivers will fix this, but the best thing to do is simply disable fog. You can do this from the Options... button in the Shogo dialog box.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Sam. Website: None
Title: Linux
Category: Coding
I want to run a shogo server on my linux box and was wondering if there was a version out there somewhere that will let me.

SSpeare Reponds:
Monolith is currently writing a linux port for the Shogo server. They are actively working on it and will be finished just as soon as possible. Please check on Planetshogo for the release.

Also, if you are interested you can sign up for the LT-Linux developers list which is run by Monolith.

Send mail to with the subject of 'subscribe lt-linux'



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Shawn. Website: None
Title: Upgrade
Category: Coding

Only one question...
Will there be an upgrade patch for Shogo? If so when will it be out? If it is already out, where may I find it? Ok, one question that is muti. LOL

Thanks for your time,
AKA ~*~RavenEdge~*~

SSpeare Reponds:
There have been several patches for shogo. The most current patch is version 2.1 and can be downloaded from the PlanetShogo files section.

Several more patches are underway and you can check their progress on this page.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Scott Shepherd. Website:
Title: Banshee
Category: Coding
Yes I was wondering when banshee support would be ready for Shogo??

Thank you

SSpeare Reponds:
As far as I know Shogo should run just fine on your Banshee. Shogo uses Direct3d and not Glide or OpenGL, but it still should have no problems.

MonoLith is however working on a Glide port which should make the game run a little faster. This is due out in the 2.3 patch for Shogo and you can check on its status at



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Solomon B. Jones. Website: None
Title: PING???
Category: Coding
Why when i connect to either the gamespy or your server page i cannot get a decient ping time??? I have a us robotic 56k vioce fax modem. Since I've has Shogo I have enjoyed playing the game(ONLY WITH ONE FRIEND VIA DIRECT LINK), but i have as yet been able to enjoy the game as much as others have over the net. Why is this and when will this problem be fixed???

Pretty disgusted,


SSpeare Reponds:
Shogo does not run as well over the net as Quake2 does. While we all wish it did, it doesn't right now. Some people have worse problems than others depending on their modems or their ISPs. If you want to try to fix this you can try the most recent modem drivers or ask for help on the PlanetShogo forums usually someone can try to help.

I am part of a team which is working to alleviate these problems with Shogo. We are working hard and have MonoLith's support so hopefully we can resolve these issues. I hope that you stay around or check back when we have this all fixed.

The project is called ShogoWorld and you can read up on it at



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by DIABLO SPAWN (ALEXANDER LOTUS MILOSEVIC). Website: N/A
Title: NetworkPLAY
Category: Coding
I am DIABLO, I have had Shogo for about 2 months now. I have Finished it twice. But I still do not know how to play 'Shogo' Online.

"Could You please Tell me all the steps on how to play Online?"

[I have tried all sorts of Versions of GameSpy but none of them support 'Shogo'.]


SSpeare Reponds:
Shogo does work with GameSpy. Its just a little hard to set up. It works with GameSpy versions 2.05 and higher, I believe. But to be safe just download the most recent version which at this time is 2.08. After you install GameSpy it will try to search your Hardrive for Shogo. If it finds it, all is good. If not then you will have to tell GameSpy that you have Shogo and point it to the correct directory.

At this point Shogo will show up on the left side of the GameSpy window. It should list Unbound and Master Server I believe if you click on it. However, no servers will show up yet.

You need to click on the Updates button on the menu and then choose Update Master Server List. Be sure that you have Shogo selected in that left hand window also. When you do this GameSpy will get an updated list and is ready to go.

After this, when you want to find a game of Shogo you should click on Shogo and then right-click and choose Update or Refresh and it will get the current server lists from the master server.

Clicking update does a check for more servers, doing a refresh simply queries all of the listed servers for current status.

Many people have complained about GameSpy not working too well and like to use Kali at This program works similar to GameSpy. However, to find the list of TCP/IP servers using Kali you must click on the TCP/IP button. I haven't used Kali in a while so you should ask on the planetshogo forums if you need any more help.



Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Future Shogo Server Guy. Website: None
Title: Shogo Server
Category: Coding
Is there any way I can set up a Shogo server without installing 400megs? Can I cut out directories to squeeze it down to 100megs?

SSpeare Reponds:
Well, I really don't know about this and I guess no one else does either. Basically, anything needed for the MP game has to be on your HD.

The only way to prune this would be to un-rez all of the shogo*.rez files as described in the LithTech tools. You could possibly delete sound.rez also, I really don't know.

You could delete all of the SP levels I believe. Also, you could possibly remove the textures and models not used in Multiplayer. However, this would require determining which textures are and aren't used in the MP levels. Also, if someone releases a new map that uses the SP textures it would be a problem.

Basically, if you un-rez all the .rez files you can try to delete stuff that seems like it is only for SP and see if it works. That is the only way to go.

Good luck!
We'd love to see your server show up.


Wednesday, Mar 10, 1999
Question submitted by Soul Reaper. Website: None
Title: Shogo:MAD PPMs?
Category: Coding
Does SHOGO: MAD support PPMs (Player Plug-in Models), like Quake 2?

What I mean is, can you make your own 3d models and play them in multiplayer?

SSpeare Reponds:
Shogo does not support this feature out of the box. I wrote a MOD for this called UAMC that worked with Shogo 2.0. However, I have not released this MOD for 2.1 because all of that functionality is going to be built into ShogoWorld. This project is being run by the Radikus group. You can get more information at in the projects section.

ShogoWorld will contain many, many modifications to Shogo including:

Plug and Play Models
Squishie support built in.
An improved HUD
Network lag fixes
And several extra gameplay options.

This MOD is under work right now with the aid and support of MonoLith and will be completed as soon as we can. However, with the extent of the changes it will take some time.



Saturday, Feb 20, 1999
Question submitted by Alfredo. Website: None
Title: Volumebrushes with textures for surface
Category: Mapping
How do I add a texture to the surface of water(volumebrush). I saw a really cool lava pool in on the moniliths multiplayer levels and I want to know how to do this. I found the texture they used(Kato_5) and I just can't figure out how to apply it. I want to get the texture to be the surface color and it be opoque. Any help is appreciated!

EraserX Reponds:
The texture you'll see in Shogo on your volumebrush is not the one you applied to it, but the one set in the properties.

Saturday, Feb 20, 1999
Question submitted by Macabre. Website:
Title: Making lava
Category: Mapping
I currently made world for the number one game, Shogo, and have run into a problem. I made a deep pit so that when you fall in you would die. But no matter how deep i make it the mca still wont die. Is there any way i can make the mca die on caontact, and is it possible to make lava, so the mca will slowly die?

EraserX Reponds:
There is no lava-object, but you can use CorrosiveFluid or Kato to kill the MCA when it falls down.

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