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Muse Interview

The marvellous Muse have always been mysterious and cool, but we're worried. Their new single's called 'Supermassive Black Hole' and the album's Black Holes And Revalations. Are they going all nerdy on us? We spoke to bassist Chris (pictured above on the left)... 

'Supermassive Black Hole', Black Holes And Revalations - are you guys just sci-fi geeks?
'Not really geeks but we are prone to the odd bit of sci-fi.'

So what is this 'Supermassive Black Hole'?
'It's kind of when the solar system self destructs. It's a metaphor really. It can be related to anything in life. It's more about going into a deep dark hole of depression. It can be about a relationship, life in general, however you want to interpret it really.'

Fave sci-fi film?
'Does Back To The Future count?'

For sure. What invention or gadget have you seen in a sci-fi that we need in our lives right now?
'The DeLorean time machine car from Back To The Future, definitely. I would go back in time to loads of different places. Back to the dinosaurs, and then 50 years ahead to see if we're still here.'

What's the wallpaper on your computer?
'A picture of my kids.'

If you could ask God, or whatever higher power takes your fancy, one question, what would it be?
'I'd probably ask if there's life after death. It's quite depressing but I think everyone thinks about it at some point. Some people just think you die and that's it, it would just be really interesting to know what actually happens.'

When was the last time you watched something really good on TV?
'I think it was probably when the USA played Italy the other day in the World Cup. Three guys got sent off, one guy elbowed another player in the face and it was just crazy,. That was really quite good [laughs].'

So you like a bit of violence then?
'Well, you know, you can't beat a bit of violence [laughs]. I shouldn't say that.'

Why didn't Muse release a World Cup song?
'[Laughs] Erm, we do really like football, I just don't think we have the right sound that's suitable for a football song. We're not really the right band to come up with that kind of thing.'

How many England flags are on the Muse tour bus or on your own car, by the way?
'I have actually got one on my car, but that's more for my kids.'

Who do you miss?
'There's plenty of old friends I miss. I really miss my family and friends when I'm working away on tour.'

What about bands from your childhood?
'Nirvana. They were such an influential band that ended too prematurely. I never got to see them live which I really regret. They were definitely something special to a lot of teenagers and they made a lot of kids want to pick up instruments and get in a band.'

Favourite time of the day?
'I'm a bit of a night person really. I mean, I don't go out partying every night, but I'm just not very good with mornings. It takes me half the day to actually wake up.'

Any celebs you really like or dislike?
'I don't really know, I don't really watch much TV or read magazines. My wife loves OK! and Hello though so I'll hear her going, ‘Well, she did this,' and so on [laughs].'

Are you bored of hearing about Kate Moss's love life?
'I don't really read about it. They do give her a bit of a hard time. I do like her, she's a very beautiful women. We briefly met once and she seemed very nice.'

Favourite place to eat out?
'There's this pub across the hotel where we're staying and they do the most amazing pies. Steak and onion pies. They are amazing. I can't remember the name of the pub, just that it does really good pies.'

What would you give up being in Muse for?
'I don't really think there's anything. We've been in Muse for half our lives and we're still enjoying it. I wouldn't be ready to give it up. If it had to be something I guess family. I've managed to juggle the two things well so far though.'

Is it hard to live up to your image of being one of the coolest, most mysterious bands in rock?
'I didn't know we had that image, it's really not deliberate. We've never been about image, it's always about the music. We are just being ourselves and no one really bothers us about our personal life.'

So you don't try to be rock stars?
'No, not at all.'

Ever had any weird experiences with really obsessive fans?
'There was this one time that freaked me out a bit. This guy came to one of our gigs wearing a Muse T-shirt that he had made himself. On the back it had ‘Muse' written on it, but on the front it had the name of my daughter. It was just really weird and I was a bit gobsmacked because she was only six months old.'

Did you ask him his reasons?
'I was just a bit gobsmacked to be honest. He seemed so proud of it.'

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