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Terrifying Girls' High School Terrifying Girls' High School (1973)
Starring: Miki Sugimoto, Reiko Ike
Director: Norifumi Suzuki
Synopsis: Rival cliques fight for power and domination in an all-girls reform school.
Runtime: 88 minutes
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Genres: Cult, Foreign
Country of Origin: Japan
Language: Japanese

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Terrifying Girls' High School (Widescreen) DVD Buy Now

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Terrifying Girls' High School (1973)(Widescreen)
Movie: 1 star
DVD Features: 2.5 stars

There's really not much to say about Terrifying Girls High School, a 1973 Japanese exploitation film about two rival cliques who resort to sex and violence to overthrow a reform school's leadership. Those who are into exploitation flicks—especially ones featuring lots of naked Japanese women—will no doubt like the movie. For the rest of us, Terrifying Girls High School is an interminably long 88 minutes of surprisingly boring sex scenes and moments of sadism so explicit and gross that they border on violent pornography.

There isn't much of a plot to Terrifying Girls. In a nutshell, two girl gangs face off against each other in an attempt to bring down the teachers and administrators at their school. The girls, who are really nasty and mean, are at the reform school so they can be transformed into "role model mothers and wives." This, obviously, doesn't turn out as the teachers would have liked, and the girls torture each other using techniques ranging from not letting someone use the bathroom to shoving a light bulb up a girl's vagina. There's a fair amount of sex, both lesbian and straight, including an orgy where the girls screw their teachers. None of the characters is very well-developed—I didn't really catch the name of any of them, but they're all interchangeable, so it doesn't much matter. (And, really, who watches these movies for the character development?)

Terrifying Girls High School is now available on DVD from Panik House and features a few extras: a poster gallery, filmmaker bios, a trailer, production notes, and a commentary track from Japanese-exploitation-film expert Chris D. The track touches on the usual production anecdotes, and fans of the movie will want to check it out. The DVD package also includes a sticker of the DVD's cover art.

There's precious little in Terrifying Girls High School that hasn't been seen before, whether it's the torture scenes in a Takashi Miike film or the pedestrian sex scenes found in most pornography. At least with porn and Miike's work there's a chance you'll be entertained; it's more than can be said for this Japanese import, which manages to be both boring and disgusting.


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