OpenGL Performer - An SGI Technology

OpenGL Performer logo image with other images dipicting Entertainment, Visual Simulation, and Virtual Reality

OpenGL Performer™ is a powerful and comprehensive programming interface for developers creating real-time visual simulation and other professional performance-oriented 3D graphics applications. The toolkit simplifies development of applications used for visual simulation, manufacturing, simulation-based design, virtual reality, scientific visualization, interactive entertainment, broadcast video, architectural walk-through, and computer aided design.

The latest major release, OpenGL Performer™ 3.2, is built atop the industry standard OpenGL® graphics library, interoperates with OpenGL Volumizer™, OpenGL Multipipe™ SDK, and OpenGL Vizserver™, includes both ANSI C and C++ bindings, and is available for the IRIX® operating system, 32-bit and 64-bit Linux®, Windows® XP and Windows® 2000.

Virtual mechanics: image courtesy of Division Inc.