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1  Australia Grand Prix
2  Malaysian Grand Prix
3  Bahrain Grand Prix
4  Gran Premio de España
5  Grand Prix de Monaco
6  Grand Prix du Canada
7  United States Grand Prix
8  Grand Prix de France
9  British Grand Prix
10  Grand Prix of Europe
11  Hungarian Grand Prix (Magyar Nagydíj)
12  Turkish Grand Prix
13  Italian Grand Prix
14  Belgian Grand Prix
15  Japanese Grand Prix
16  Chinese Grand Prix
17  Brazilian Grand Prix

Australia Grand Prix

No. of Laps Lap length
Albert Park
Melbourne, Australia
58 5.30 km (3.30 miles)
Taking over the Australian Grand Prix from the original site in Adelaide, this circuit has become the traditional home to the first Grand Prix of the season. One of the longer circuits in the Championship, it is one of the most popular with drivers and fans alike. Date Winner
March 18, 2007 Kimi Räikkönen

Malaysian Grand Prix

No. of Laps Lap length
Sepang International Circuit
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
56 5.54 km (3.44 miles)
Designed in the mid 1990s to build up the country's reputation for motor sports, the Sepang International Circuit is regarded as one of the most complicated, and therefore most exciting, tracks. Date Winner
April 8, 2007 Fernando Alonso
McLaren Mercedes

Bahrain Grand Prix

No. of Laps Lap length
Bahrain International Circuit
Sakhir, Bahrain
57 5.41 km (3.36 miles)
The Bahrain International Circuit debuted in 2004, briefly replacing Australia as the opening Grand Prix of the season. Sand blowing onto the track is the circuit's biggest challenge as it reduces grip. Date Winner
April 15, 2007 Felipe Massa

Gran Premio de España

No. of Laps Lap length
Circuit de Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain
66 4.65 km (2.89 miles)
Hosting a Grand Prix since 1991, the Circuit de Catalunya is well-known among the F1 teams (many of whom use it for out-of-season testing). This is, however a difficult circuit to get right, with a bumpy road surface and mix of fast and slow corners, making tire choice a constant struggle. Date Winner
May 13, 2007 Felipe Massa

Grand Prix de Monaco

No. of Laps Lap length
Circuit de Monaco
Monte Carlo, Monaco
78 3.34 km (2.08 miles)
Perhaps the most famous circuit in F1 history, as well as the shortest, Monaco is notoriously difficult to win. With overtaking made very difficult, and very few flat sections of track, getting pole is vital, but even then, a slip of concentration on one of the incredibly sharp corners can finish a driver's race early. Date Winner
May 27, 2007 Fernando Alonso
McLaren Mercedes

Grand Prix du Canada

No. of Laps Lap length
Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve
Montreal, Canada
70 4.36 km (2.71 miles)
Constructed on the Ile Notre Dame in the St Lawrence River, this circuit has been part of the Championship since 1978, and is named after F1 legend Gilles Villeneuve. Canadian Villeneuve recorded his first F1 victory at this course, and since the 1970s it has been the site of several memorable races. Date Winner
June 10, 2007 Lewis Hamilton
McLaren Mercedes

United States Grand Prix

No. of Laps Lap length
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Indianapolis, USA
73 4.19 km (2.61 miles)
This track is the oldest in use today, built in 1908 using 3.2 million bricks, and has been used for a variety of major events in motor sport. The Indy 500 has been held there since 1911, as well as 11 Grands Prix of the F1 world championship. In 2000, after a long break from hosting F1, the United States Grand Prix became part of the season again, and a piece of motoring history was reintroduced to the championship. Date Winner
June 17, 2007 Lewis Hamilton
McLaren Mercedes

Grand Prix de France

No. of Laps Lap length
Circuit de Nevers Magny Cours
Never Magny-Cours, France
70 4.91 km (2.74 miles)
Initially built as a small track on a farm, the Circuit de Nevers Magny Cours has seen a number of upgrades and redesigns on its way to becoming host for the French Grand Prix. The first F1 Grand Prix held at the circuit was in 1991, and it has remained a favorite venue since then. Date Winner
July 1, 2007 Kimi Räikkönen

British Grand Prix

No. of Laps Lap length
Silverstone Circuit
Silverstone, UK
60 5.14 km (3.19 miles)
Originally an aerodrome, this track was made the home of the British Grand Prix in 1948, and when the World Championship was created, in 1950, Silverstone was the site of the very first race. Over the intervening years the British Grand Prix was moved around the country, but after several changes to the circuit it settled at Silverstone. Date Winner
July 8, 2007 Kimi Räikkönen

Grand Prix of Europe

No. of Laps Lap length
Nurburg, Germany
60 5.15 km (3.20 miles)
Built on the site of the original Nurburgring, this modern Nurburgring is significantly shorter. Intermittently used as the location for the Luxembourg and European Grands Prix since its completion in 1984, it has now been selected as one of the sites for future German Grands Prix (previously held at Hockenheim). Date Winner
July 22, 2007 Fernando Alonso
McLaren Mercedes

Hungarian Grand Prix (Magyar Nagydíj)

No. of Laps Lap length
Budapest, Hungary
70 4.38 km (2.72 miles)
The track was completed in 1986, when Hungary was still behind the iron curtain, and was an instant fan favorite. With tight and twisting corners, this track has led to some of the most exciting races in F1 history. Date Winner
August 5, 2007 Lewis Hamilton
McLaren Mercedes

Turkish Grand Prix

No. of Laps Lap length
Istanbul Park
Istanbul, Turkey
58 5.34 km (3.31 miles)
Designed by the same man who came up with the circuits in Sakhir (Bahrain) and Shanghai, this is only the third time that the country will play host to a Grand Prix. Technically this Grand Prix takes place in Asia and not Europe, as the circuit lies to the east of the Bosphorous. Date Winner
August 26, 2007 Felipe Massa

Italian Grand Prix

No. of Laps Lap length
Autodromo Nazionale di Monza
Milan, Italy
53 5.79 km (3.60 miles)
The site of some of F1's most famous victories, and most horrific crashes, this is the circuit that offers the most drama in the F1 calendar. One of the oldest tracks in the season, it has historically been Europe's leading permanent track, and is as exciting today as it ever was. Date Winner
September 9, 2007 Fernando Alonso
McLaren Mercedes

Belgian Grand Prix

No. of Laps Lap length
Circuit of Spa Francorchamps 44 7.00 km (4.35 miles)
Made up of public roads, this is one of the longest and most dangerous tracks in F1. It is a strong driver favorite, offering the perfect combination of complex corners and picturesque views of the pine forests of the Ardenne, and it is a highlight of the calendar. Date Winner
September 16, 2007 Kimi Räikkönen

Japanese Grand Prix

No. of Laps Lap length
Fuji Speedway
Mount Fuji, Japan
TBC 4.56 km (2.84 miles)
Back after an extensive redesign, this track returns to Grand Prix use after 30 years during which time Japanese Grands Prix have been held at Suzuka. The track is in a national park overlooking the imposing Mount Fuji. Date Winner
September 30, 2007 Lewis Hamilton
McLaren Mercedes

Chinese Grand Prix

No. of Laps Lap length
Shanghai International Circuit
Shanghai, China
56 5.45 km (3.39 miles)
Another relatively new track, Shanghai has been described as China�s gateway to the world of F1 racing, and is a marvel of modern architecture. Unintentionally mimicking the Chinese symbol for �high� or �above�, it was the most expensive grand prix circuit ever built. Date Winner
October 7, 2007 Kimi Räikkönen

Brazilian Grand Prix

No. of Laps Lap length
Autodromo Carlos Pace
Sao Paulo, Brazil
71 4.30 km (2.68 miles)
Situated among congested housing in Sao Paulo, this track is another legendary site for F1. In the wake of the successes of Emerson Fittipaldi and Carlos Pace -- who gives his name to the circuit -- the country became an international hub for motor sport. Since then the national passion for the sport has made the track a shrine for Brazilians and makes the Brazilian Grand Prix as much of a carnival as it is a sporting event. Date Winner
October 21, 2007 Kimi Räikkönen
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