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Parallels Desktop

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Cured Crashng after Installing Parallels Tools

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Contributed by: Desmond R F Foulger 06-09-07 08:26PM

Product Platform: MacOSX

Used Product For: 6-12 months

On my Mac Pro, 2.6GHz QP,4GB Ram,X 1900 XT video, Dell 30" Monitor plugged into DV2,Kensington Expert mouse and BT Apple Keyboard, OS X 10.4.9 with latest updates,I have found the following for those folks whose system crashes after installation of Parallels tools on a Win XP Pro-SP2 system.

I have definitely tracked it down to that part of the installation that is contained within the installation of Shared Applications
I cured it by booting into safe mode with networking (Press F8 at start-up) and navigating into /Program Files/Parallels/Parallels Tools and removing to the Recycle Bin, the whole contents of that folder. Next restarting normally, Win Xp comes up normally. Next Install Parallels Tools using a custom install. By a process of elimination I found that installing everything EXCEPT Shared Applications provided the fix.

Also during my investigation, I found that Parallels explorer does NOT allow you to rename or delete files. On my system it just quits.

In the absence of nil support from Parallels, I hope this will prove useful to others experiencing the same problem
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Cured Crashng after Installing Parallels Tools - peggysue1

Thanks for this, but I tried it and Windows still crashes. Any other ideas?

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Monday, August 13 2007 @ 05:15 PM PDT