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Yahoo Gets Ahead of Google in the Mobile Search Market

This week Yahoo launched its new Internet search system developed exclusively for users of mobile phones. The system delivers locally relevant answers, which pushes aside its main rival Google with its offers, making Yahoo one step ahead of the services that the number one search engine has to offer.

The officials from Yahoo stated that the company looks forward to take advantage of the field in which searches through the Web are performed by mobile phones. The starting point is the U.S. market followed by international markets.

Senior vice president of Connected Life business unit at Yahoo, Marco Boerries, stated that the company is now getting ready to put search on every phone that includes a browser. He mentioned that Yahoo is now able to deliver any result by using just one simple search.

The company that for a long period has been trying to catch up with Google in the field of Web search, has now chosen a smart strategy, that is to focus its attention on a fast growing mobile phone Web market.

With the ever increasing high tech market, networks begin their somewhat aggressive evolution and more and more handsets come with browsers. Thus Internet companies pay their attention to this field bringing various services including searches, e-mails and mapping. Internet users are in search for more portable devices, which serves as a good motivation for the developers of mobile Web services.

The new mobile service developed by Yahoo is entitled oneSearch. According to company's officials this services differs from ordinary Web searches that deliver a certain set of links that everyone got used to. Apart from the PC Web search the new product from Yahoo provides a list of actual information, including news headlines, business listings, local weather, as well as images that can be found in Yahoo's Flickr photos site and links to other sites on the Web.

The mobile search provides a list of local theaters that are currently playing a certain movie, votes posted by users and news that are exclusively related to the movie. All that is need is to enter a zip code or a specific name of a city and users will receive local search results.

Apart from Yahoo, Google's service take more time to deliver the same information as oneSearch. Mike McGuire, Garner analyst, said that there is no sensible impact on Google, but the silver medal search engine Yahoo, he said, made a very specific starting point by choosing to display information on a certain town or neighborhood. McGuire mentioned that the key point of all phone searches is their local search like for example road traffic in a certain area.

Yahoo started offering in the United States its oneSearch service on about 85 percent of all mobile phones that have a Web browser. The company hopes to expand far beyond deals that it already has with major developers of handsets. Thus it will put its service directly on the phones that have just entered the market.

Till this moment Yahoo has signed deals with major mobile handset manufacturers, including: Nokia, Motorola Inc., LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. The company hopes to feature its Yahoo Go software, which also includes its new service.

As Yahoo continues the development of new services it promises advertisers to help them reach customers of the mobile phone market. Due to the fact that every search is made via mobile phone, customers may call the advertisers to do business with just one single click on a certain website.

The new service provided by Yahoo runs sponsored advertising linked to the results of a Web search and ad display. McGuire is quite happy with the product and now he expects it to drive revenue since it must take some time before the company will see any positive results in its financial results.
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