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Even though I have no clue why you are even INTERESTED in this page, (even though people have already checked it out...since September 19th, 1998. Our counter was reset when it reached 4,139 Whew!) I guess it's only polite to welcome you, so, if you will excuse me, here I go....

Welcome to our page of First Kiss Creations, full of stories, fandubs, and a bunch of other wrockin' anime-related items! I can't really say much because everything I want to say is going to be said in a more "organized" manner than this.


Anywho, I hope you have fun exploring! You check under fandubs to find out what we are dubbing, try out for parts, or just see how the voices fit so you can decide if you want to order. Or, you can go to publishings to find out what creative writings we are up to now! You can find out about me and my buddies in our personal comic strips at "About Our Mascots", or you can find out about the Blossoms to see what idiots forced you through this comedy of fools! All other information can be found at the FAQ! From comics to comedians, romance to revenge, authors to animation, you can find it right here! So, just remember..

With First Kiss, entertainment is at your fingertips!

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